Investing in a world worth living in

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Want to hear from a ‘financial activist’ on a mission to make money a force for good, for people and the planet? That’s exactly what you can do if you join Rob Gardner on the OGTC’s Insight60 event next month.

Co-founder of one of the UK’s leading investment consultancies, Redington, and Director of Investment Management at St. James’s Place Wealth Management, in the past few years Rob has transformed the way many people think about money and future financial planning.

His mantra of “earn it, keep it, grow it” is one Rob swears by and his passion for financial education has led to him authoring a children’s book that encourages saving. For the same reason, Rob set up RedSTART in 2012, a platform designed to teach young people about money from an early age.

As someone who is motivated to help everyone become more financially secure, Rob places a big spotlight on sustainable investment. Having originally studied Glaciology, Rob was born in the Netherlands which is below sea level. Due to its geography, the Netherlands has been forward thinking when it comes to climate change and this has shaped Rob’s view that wealth and prosperity is only useful in a world worth living in.

With the first glacier having died recently, Rob is a keen advocate that these warning signs are a call to action that cannot be ignored. He explains how investing your pension fund or ISA in a sustainable way that can have 27 times the impact of reducing your carbon footprint than if you fly less, eat less red meat or cycle more.

Gary Walker and his team seized the opportunity to pair up their esteemed colleague Rob with the OGTC’s Insight60 series. The OGTC invites keynote speakers to take part in their Insight60 events, which deliver just what they say on the tin – 60 minutes of insightful presentations. In a connected series of webinars with respected thought leaders and industry experts, these sessions consider the challenge of climate change, solutions with the potential to drive the energy transition, and towards a sustainable economy.

Kelly Murray, General Manager at Gary Walker Wealth Management, explains,” When I recently attended one of the Insight60 sessions, I heard that over £430 billion of investment is required for the UKCS to achieve Net Zero, including £60bn total domestic investment required in Renewables. It immediately occurred to me that the industry may be interested to hear an investor’s perspective on the opportunities and risks in investing in energy companies. Having myself spent over twenty years working in the oil and gas industry I am impressed by Rob’s compelling vision and sustainable investing approach and I’m sure others will be equally engaged.”

Rob will talk about how he works with fund managers to invest in a responsible and sustainable way. He will talk about Environmental, Social and Governance factors with an increasing focus on a transition to a low carbon economy.

Registration for “Insight60: Transitioning to a low carbon economy through investment funding” on 26th February, 11.30-12.30 is available here. The session is open to all, free of charge.