Irvin agrees that Young should be 'untouchable' in trade talks

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While Washington can’t match teams such as the Jets or the Dolphins when it comes to putting up draft capital in a potential Deshaun Watson deal, they could jump the line if they did something very aggressive: Offer up Chase Young.

New York’s second overall pick and Miami’s third overall pick, plus whatever else they might propose in an effort to acquire the upset Texans passer, has the potential to be seriously tough to turn down. If the Burgundy and Gold wanted to, though, floating their 2019 second-overall choice and burgeoning superstar would make them extremely competitive in any bidding war.

But Michael Irvin wouldn’t go that far.

In a Friday interview on the BMitch and Finlay show, the two hosts made it clear that Young wouldn’t be on their list of resources to tempt Houston with. Irvin agreed wholeheartedly.

“If I’m you guys, he’s going to be untouchable,” he said on 106.7 The Fan. 

“I gotta have a vision to place Deshaun Watson in,” he continued. “I want that one guy on offense and that one guy on defense. An offensive CEO and a defensive CEO.”

That answer appears to fall in line with how Ron Rivera and Washington’s rebuilt front office views things, or it at least matches up with how they publicly view things.

In a Wednesday press conference, Rivera told reporters that he’d “hate” to go all-in for a QB only for that QB to join a decimated roster. 

Now, some would argue that a star signal caller is worth major sacrifices all over a team, but Rivera, going off of those comments, doesn’t seem to be on that side of the debate. 

Therefore, that would lead one to think that he has no interest in losing Young, someone he absolutely loves and values for his infectious energy and tremendous production.

Like Rivera, and basically anyone with a pulse, Irvin also thinks highly of No. 99. Check out his comparisons for Washington’s young Pro Bowler.

“He reminds me of Ray Lewis, he reminds me of Warren Sapp, guys like Charles Haley,” Irvin said. 

For those keeping track, that’s a trio of Hall of Famers.

A Watson-for-Young trade would be a certified BLOCK.BUSTER of a move. However, it’s nothing more than a hypothetical right now — and according to Irvin, it should never get beyond that.