The best watches for men 2021: 10 luxury brands worth investing in

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Time keeps on ticking.

Since it’s the one few things that never stops, it makes sense to invest in a worthwhile timepiece.

The must-have accessories are great for adding a splash of style to every look and their ability to keep you on schedule definitely doesn’t hurt.

Brands like Omega, Chopard and Rolex are known for being top-tier in the world of watches.

Laced with luxury and undeniable opulence, it’s easy to see why their pieces are a worthy investment.

Gucci, Versace and Tom Ford are also safe bets when it comes to chic watch wear.

And there are options in the low hundreds that are perfect if you want to look like money without spending all of yours.

We’ve pulled together some of the best pieces we could find — and we guarantee that you’re getting the real deal with authorized retailers and well-known department stores.

Plus, with a roundup this good, you won’t have any problem scoring your next authentic luxury staple.


It’ll be hard to find a watch better than this one. This limited edition Chopard watch is made of brown calfskin leather and features an 18-karat rose gold casing that is beyond elegant.


Dress like a celebrity with this limited-edition Grammy piece. The nod to music’s biggest night is nothing short of fabulous. Decked with the iconic Grammy logo, percussion-inspired design and stainless steel, it is sure to become your new favorite. It is under $1000 so you can look like a star without breaking the bank.

Neiman Marcus

Gucci never disappoints and this watch matches the hype. The interlocked G bezel and signature brand colors make it an accessory staple.


This affordable luxury watch is truly top-tier. Its stunning chronograph and standout Super-LumiNova hands make a great fashion choice for any season.


If you’re looking for luxury, then grabbing this Omega watch is a safe bet. The iconic Speedmaster has never stopped turning heads. Its beautiful moon phase design, stainless steel case and polished clasp make it truly one of a kind.


Coach is the epitome of elegance and this stunning watch doesn’t disappoint. Its gold plated steel and brown leather strap adds the pop of style that every outfit needs. Plus, its mineral crystal and striking blue chronograph make it a trendy must-have. And since it’s under $500, you can grab it without breaking your budget,

Neiman Marcus

This watch certainly lives up to its hype. Its beautiful blue color and stainless steel bracelet will accentuate any outfit. And it’s under $1000 so you can buy some for family and friends.


This Google Wear watch is the perfect combination of fashion and tech. You’ll be able to monitor social media, receive text messages and monitor your health. It is compatible with most smartphones. And at such a great price point, you can even buy more than one.

Neiman Marcus

This three-link bracelet will make you the talk of the town. Its rectangular frame, beautiful white dial and stainless steel make it effortlessly chic.

Nieman Marcus

This Switzerland-made piece is irresistible. Its beautiful stainless steel is complemented with yellow gold accents that are beyond stunning and the fabulous Versace logo makes the perfect fashion statement.