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The Telegraph

The strange parallels between Prince Philip and Prince Albert, two Royals who died in Windsor Castle

In a remarkable coincidence, the last significant royal death at Windsor Castle was that of Albert, Prince Consort – Prince Philip’s great-great-grandfather and someone who also worked indefatigably for his Queen and his adopted country. Unlike the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Albert had little time to prepare his funeral, dying at a mere 42 years of age, and it was down to the widowed Queen Victoria to interpret his wishes. Victoria herself would not be in attendance, following the convention that funerals were a male only preserve, and that women were too frail to conceal their grief in public. Instead, crying inconsolably, she headed for Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, where she failed to conceal her grief in private and began her 40 years of mourning. She left behind her preparations for the sort of funeral Albert would have loathed. Mourners wore long black coats and wide-brimmed hats with ‘weepers’, something Albert had thought excessive a few years earlier at the obsequies for Victoria’s aunt, the Duchess of Gloucester. On Victoria’s instructions, the rooms and corridors of Windsor Castle were covered in black drapes. Her only concession was to have Albert’s funeral at noon in broad daylight. Previous funerals were held at twilight with torches lighting the processional route. Prince Philip’s body will be carried from the castle’s State Entrance by soldiers from the The Queen’s Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. Philip was Colonel of the Grenadiers for 40 years from 1975. Albert held the same position and the regiment formed a guard of honour at the entrance to the chapel. Albert’s hearse was drawn by six black horse wearing black feathers. The only flowers were from Albert’s daughters the princesses Alice, Helena and Louise, who had made a wreath of moss and violets, while Victoria’s tribute was a simple bouquet of violets with a single camellia in their centre. It is thought one wreath from the Queen will be carried on Prince Philip’s coffin today. Empty mourning carriages followed the hearse, representing the Queen, the Prince of Wales, her cousin the Duke of Cambridge and his mother Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge.