Lin Wood and Trump-backed South Carolina GOP chairman trade 'RINO' barbs ahead of May election

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South Carolina Republican Chairman Drew McKissick and attorney Lin Wood both accused each other this week of being a “RINO,” or Republican In Name Only, as the two compete for the leadership role in next month’s state convention election.

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Former President Donald Trump has endorsed McKissick, but Wood, who maintains the dubious belief that the November contest was rigged, faults McKissick for not doing “enough to have the election investigated and reversed based on fraud and illegality.”

“That makes him what I think people call a RINO Republican, Republican in Name Only, meaning that he will embrace President Trump, he will get his endorsements, he will take advantage of what Trump does for South Carolina because they had really good numbers in 2020. McKissick tries to take credit for it, the credit belongs to Donald Trump,” Wood told the Washington Examiner during an interview on Saturday at the Health and Freedom Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“When President Trump needed his help to undo a fraudulent election, Drew McKissick was missing in action. So was Lindsey Graham,” he claimed, taking aim at one of South Carolina’s two U.S. senators, who is a Republican.

Wood moved to the Palmetto State from Georgia in February and announced his bid to run for the South Carolina GOP chairman position on March 29. The election to lead the state’s Republican Party is slated for May.

“The reason that certain members of the party asked me if I would run is that the people in the party have no control over what the party establishment is doing,” Wood said.


The Washington Examiner reached out to McKissick for comment on what Wood had to say.

“Lin Wood is a carpetbagging RINO who’s been in South Carolina for two months,” McKissick said in a statement.

“Any suggestion or accusation of cheating or not being a true Republican is just a strategy out of the slick trial lawyer’s handbook–a trial lawyer who donated to Obama twice and supported candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood,” he added. “Trump endorsed my reelection campaign and that speaks for itself.”

Trump endorsed McKissick in 2018 and did so again this year on March 30, the day after Wood announced his bid to challenge him.

Trump said, “Drew fought all the way to the Supreme Court to defend our voting laws—and WON,” referring to an election-related case. “He will continue to grow the party and help Conservatives get elected in the Great State of South Carolina,” the former president added.

Wood, who was unsuccessful in his 2020 election fraud litigation and is under investigation over whether he illegally voted in Georgia, does not appear phased by Trump’s endorsement of McKissick over him, standing by his loyalty to the former president.

“I believe Donald Trump is a genius,” Wood told the Washington Examiner on Saturday.

In a statement on Tuesday, Wood added: “He has his own reasons for endorsing people. Wait and see what they may be. McKissick may be misreading the endorsement.”

Wood defended his past donations to Democratic leaders, saying, “I have made mistakes, and I have been fooled, as we all have. But my support has been overwhelmingly for Republicans like Nixon, Reagan, Ford, and President Trump. I donated over $750,000 in the 2020 election cycle to Trump and GOP candidates.”

The 68-year-old former Atlanta-based lawyer also accused McKissick of not “taking a single question from ‘We The People'” at the Anderson County GOP convention on Monday. A representative from McKissick’s office said the chairman was the last speaker of the night and there was no planned question-and-answer session following his speech.


Wood said at the Health and Freedom Convention in Tulsa on Saturday he aspires to run for chairman to accomplish “what the people of the Republican Party want done, not what ‘Lin Wood’ wants done, nor what the present chairman wants done.”

If Wood is not successful winning his bid against McKissick, the Raleigh, North Carolina-born attorney has not shied away from a potential Senate bid, saying, “If somebody knocks on my door … and the time is right, and they say, ‘Hey, Lin, let’s take down Lindsey Graham,’ I will consider doing it.”

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