The gift of a heron provoked which war? The Weekend quiz

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© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography/Getty Images

The questions

© Photograph: Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography/Getty Images A face to launch a thousand ships? A great blue heron.

1 Which conflict was provoked by the gift of a heron at a banquet?

2 What 1983 release is the bestselling 12-inch single ever?

3 Where is the Great Green Wall being grown?

4 In digital transactions, what is an NFT?

5 Whose California castle was designed by Julia Morgan?

6 What was the Pierrepoint family trade?

7 Screenplays are written in which typeface?

8 What was unique, managerially, about Forest v Malmö in 1979?

What links:


Congress; BJP; AITC; DMK; YSRCP?

10 Linnet Doyle; Lanfranco Cassetti; Pamela Reeves; Lucius Protheroe?

11 Brick; claw; club; ball pein; geological?

12 Romulus Augustulus (west) and Constantine XI Palaeologus (east)?

13 Balor; Odin; Polyphemus; the Graeae?

14 Muhammad Ali; Will Smith; Eli Goree?

15 Salzburg and Stowe, Vermont; Gary, Indiana; Ogden, Utah?

The answers

1 Hundred Years’ War (according to The Vows Of The Heron poem).

2 Blue Monday by New Order.

3 Africa (southern edge of the Sahara).

4 Non-fungible token.

5 William Randolph Hearst.

6 Hanging (executioners).

7 Courier (industry convention).

8 Only European Cup final where both managers were English (Brian Clough and Bob Houghton).

9 Indian political parties.

10 Titular victims in Agatha Christie novels: Death On The Nile; Murder On The Orient Express; The Body In The Library; The Murder At The Vicarage.

11 Types of hammer.

12 Last Roman emperors.

13 Mythical beings with one eye: Celtic myth; Norse; Greek.

14 Played Muhammad Ali in films: The Greatest; Ali; One Night In Miami.

15 Homes of musical families: Von Trapps; Jacksons; Osmonds.