Steve Cortes: George W. Bush Represents The Past, Trump Represents The Future

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Former Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes outlines why recent criticism of Trumpism from former President George W. Bush does nothing but highlight the failure of the Bush administration.

“He’s now the new BFF of corporate media in America, but let’s take a look at the real legacy of George W. Bush,” Cortes said. “What did he actually do to this country?”

“4.6 million American manufacturing jobs lost during the Bush administration — always remember he was the one who opened China with open arms into the World Trade Organization in 2001,” he explained. “The second awful number: 4,242 Americans killed in Iraq. Precious American souls lost because of a needless and senseless war that didn’t make America safer.”

“He said he didn’t vote for President Trump in 2020. I say good, he represents the past of the permanent political class.”