WWDC Live Blog: Full Coverage For Apple Stock Investors

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The 2021 edition of Apple’s WWDC starts on Monday, June 7, as CEO Tim Cook takes the stage. The Apple Maven will cover the keynote speech with a focus on Apple stock and its investors.

The time has come for another of Apple’s (AAPL) developers’ conference. Starting at 10 a.m. PST, on June 7, CEO Tim Cook will take the stage and kick off the company’s virtual WWDC.

As usual, the Apple Maven will cover the keynote address in real time. On our channel, the emphasis will be on dissecting the news of the day as it pertains to Apple stock and its investors. Below is a summary of what to expect – otherwise, scroll straight down to the “Live Coverage Starts Here!” section.

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What to expect of WWDC 2021

Being a developers’ conference, WWDC’s most important news tends to revolve around operating system updates. For instance, iOS 15 for the iPhone should be launched with a few modifications: new privacy settings, in addition to iMessage and notification updates.

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Other software upgrades should also be introduced. Because macOS Catalina and Big Sur were unveiled in October 2019 and June 2020, respectively, a brand-new version would not be out of question. The operating systems for the iPad and Watch may also see an update.

For investors, what will probably matter most are announcements regarding new products or services. Last year, Apple announced its ARM-based chip technology and architecture, setting the stage for new products that were launched later in the year and in 2021.

This time, consensus suggests that a new lineup of MacBook Pro could see the light of day. A silicon upgrade, from the M1 to the M2, would also be a pleasant surprise. Any of these developments would speak to Apple’s need to push harder in 2021 in order to beat tough 2020 comps in Mac and iPad.

Much more speculatively, it would be interesting to hear news on Apple’s longer-term growth opportunities: namely mixed reality wearables and the Apple Car. Both topics, however, are highly unlikely to be discussed during WWDC 2021.

Should you buy AAPL ahead of WWDC?

The Apple Maven asked the question last week: should WWDC impact Apple’s share price? History suggests that Apple stock has gained some uplift following its past five developers’ conferences, even if not in all cases. However, it is unclear if bullishness has merely been a coincidence.

I asked Twitter a similar question and received the answers below. It looks like social media is much more optimistic about WWDC having a positive impact on AAPL shares.

Live coverage starts here!

3:00 a.m. PST: Welcome, everyone! Below is how Apple stock finished the trading session on Friday. Could momentum carry forward into this Monday?

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