Real Money Pros Share Their Picks for Reopening Stocks

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Real Money assembled some of its top professionals to discuss the Reopening Economy and how they approach each of several primary sectors for their investing strategies.

Hosted by Real Money Contributor Bob Lang who is also Co-Portfolio Manager of Trifecta Stocks, the panel also includes, Chris Versace, Co-Manager of Trifecta Stocks, Ed Ponsi, Managing Director of Barchetta Capital Management, and Stephen Guilfoyle, Founder of Sarge986 LLC.

The panel delves into their strategies and goals for investing in this historic reopening of a virtually shut-down economy. Chris Versace states, “When picking these portfolios, obviously we are trying to identify companies that are going to have pronounced revenue earnings cash flow growth driving their stock prices higher”. Of the major sectors he focuses on, the travel and entertainment industries are ones with great potential.

For all of the insights from this knowledgeable and experienced panel, watch the full Real Money’s Real Talk: Investing In a Reopening Economy webinar if you don’t have a Real Money subscription, sign up here.