How to Profit From Earnings Season, Which Starts Next Week

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I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming season of my Earnings360 Service.  We’re now heading into my 15th consecutive quarter running the program. Yesterday, I hosted a webinar explaining my unique approach to trading earnings. 

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I do think that you’ll find that my options-centric approach brings a new level of market analysis, options expertise, and accessibility — as its generated consistent gains for over 14 quarters.  Earnings360 executes an average of 30 trades per quarter (3-4 per week) with just $350 per trade. This makes it active but also ensures that no single trade results in an outsized loss.  While we had one losing quarter of $560, Earnings360 has had an average return of $1,530 per quarter for a total profit of $21,425 over the past 14 quarters (3.5 years). 

You read that right, Earnings360 members risking just $350 per trade have raked in a $21,425 profit.

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What this service doesn’t do is take wild shots via purchasing out-of-the-money “lottery tickets,” hoping to hit a directional home run.

The Earnings360 approach harnesses predictable changes in implied volatility that come before and after earnings reports; namely the expected decline in implied