Patience Pays Off, and Leads to Wins…

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Monday I wrote:

On Friday,  I wrote about Why This Decline Won’t Turn into a Sell-Off?  It only took until Monday for my thesis to look foolish, if not outright wrong, as stocks suffered their largest daily decline in five-plus months – helping the indices on pace for their worst monthly performance in over a year.”

Then I went on to point out that by the end of the day Monday stocks had regained part of the losses they suffered intraday. 

Then Tuesday the S&P 500 closed basically even, and Wednesday it shot up nearly a point…

And as I write this it’s up about 1.5% intraday today.  

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Maybe even more exciting, because it’s a direct line to money for my subscribers, is our position in APRN.  

Yesterday I shared a bullish position with you that we put on in Options360.  

Today APRN is up 5% on the day so that trade is working out nicely so far.  

My point in this email is not to tell you how smart I am.  I’m not all that smart, I just have a lot of experience in the markets.  I’ve spent my professional life watching how the markets move for decades now.

I know that you can look wrong over a day or a week, and still be right…

And still, make a spectacular ROI. 

The Options360 portfolio hasn’t beaten the S&P 500 every year since we launched in 2015 on accident.  (Keep in mind most hedge fund managers don’t consistently beat the indices!)

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So why don’t I put a fund together and make billions of dollars if I’m so good?

One word…


I would never want to work like those guys need to work.  

I would much rather trade my own money and help retail traders like you make exceptional returns…

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