You Missed This Trade, Don’t Miss Another One…

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Amid the carnage yesterday, my Options360 subscribers closed out a trade that paid them a whopping 68.97% return….

On one trade!

Here was the alert I sent:

1. MCD current position is a bull diagonal of long 1 contract Oct (10/15) 240 Call and short 1 contract Oct (10/01) 245 Call at a $2.30 cost basis

Stock is holding up nicely. But it is already through our upper strike. Let’s book solid profit.


-Buy to close 1 contract Oct (10/01) 245 Call

-Sell to Close 1 contract Oct (10/15) 240 Call

For a Net Credit of $5.25 (+/-0.15)

Solid profit is right!

And now with the sell-off yesterday, I am tracking some very promising trades for later this week or early next week. 

Don’t miss out on them!

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PS.  This volatility could mean some big profits in the short to mid-term time frame.  But you need to be ready when the opportunity arises.  

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