Pepper Money: Investing in the broker

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“Our ultimate goal is that every Australian understands their options, and our job is to work with brokers to ensure they have adequate training, education, programs and processes to feel confi dent to do that. It’s about lifting the profi le of non-bank lending and the level of education across the entire broker industry, and we want to play our part.”

A personalised customer experience

Another area in which Pepper Money ranked highly was BDM support – also voted as brokers’ second-highest priority. Seeing BDMs as “the flagbearers of the business”, Rehayem says they are an important piece of the puzzle, so the lender spends time and money on making sure they are trained properly.

Not only are Pepper Money BDMs the conduit between the lender and brokers, says Rehayem, but they are across other lender products too, in case Pepper Money is unable to help.

“We like to offer a personalised service. Every BDM will discuss things that are more personalised for that particular broker, as opposed to just throwing out a product guide or sending them a link and saying that’s all we’ve got – it’s not about that,” Rehayem says.

As part of the Brokers on Non-Banks survey, brokers were also asked about their preferred lender for different product types. Pepper Money was ranked as the preferred lender for specialist lending, first home buyers, property investors and alt-doc lending.