Mwanza petty traders relocate to formal markets

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The relocation of petty traders to the formal areas has started in Nyamagana District, Mwanza Region and will involve all those doing business in roadsides and road reserves.

The Nyamagana District Commissioner Ms Amina Makilagi said here yesterday that petty traders will be reallocated to Mbugani, Milongo, Mchafukuoga, Buhongwa and  Nyegezi markets.

She said the relocation exercise has started and gone smoothly and the targeted persons were responding positively to the order.

According to her, the selected markets to be occupied have huge capacities namely Mbugani with 500 traders, Milongo 400, Mchafukuoga 2,500, Buhongwa 3,000 and Nyegezi 6,000.

The other key marketplaces were still under feasibility study.

She stressed that no trader will miss a trading space and that the rehabilitation of all important infrastructures, including toilets and sewage systems are in progress.

By mid this month, she said, all petty traders should be in their new trading markets and they have been arranged in line with kinds of goods, with those selling the same items being available in one space.

The Secretary for Mwanza Regional Markets, Mr Kurwijila Athumani said the response of the traders has been impressive and thanked the planning committee for ensuring that areas are allocated fairly.

According to him, the number of traders stationed at Mbugani market was over 400 as of Tuesday this week, saying the relocation will serve in the market’ occupation because many traders used to skip their areas and instead go on streets, mostly along main roads.