WHAT is Going on With This Market?

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Yesterday I double-downed on a statement I made last Friday, namely:

Presently, the upward momentum is broken.”

Then the S&P 500 opened almost 1.5% up this morning…

And as of this writing, it looks like it’ll be a good day for the index. 

So the natural question is: How can I square that statement with today’s performance…

And the answer is, “a day does not a trend make!”

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We put in a new low in the market and now we are seeing a natural rally…

And while there is no indicator that suggests any panic selling is on the horizon, there’s no doubt that we have a stall in the upward momentum we have been watching play out over the last several months.   

I’m not suggesting that we should run out and take a lot of bearish positions…

But you also don’t want to take on a bunch of bullish positions based solely on today’s jump.

Instead, it is time for patience and caution!  

I know you are likely tired of me saying that, however, that is the key to success in this market. 

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Keep in mind that the S&P is only up around 18% – so this is shaping up to be yet another year that we smash our benchmark!

Here’s the point, professional traders make money in this kind of market, and retail/inexperienced traders lose money.  

That’s because we don’t jump too quickly.  We take our time and wait for our spots. 

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To Your Success,