REVEALED: A Dangerous Story From The WSJ

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Hope you’re having an amazing weekend…

I just have a short email for you today. 

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported on a trend with wealthy millennials.

The Reader’s Digest version of the story is that they are saying “No Thank You” to traditional money managers and investing their money on their own. 

In some ways, this is great news.  

I love to see people take control of your financial life.  It’s why I do what I do with Options360.  

That said, the person they profiled said that he put 90% of his “hundreds of thousands of dollars” he has invested into cryptocurrency.  

THAT is a dangerous game this young man is playing.  

Sure IF he hits another BTC, he will be unbelievably rich.   But there’s a reason BTC is only recently getting attention from institutional investors…

It’s because that kind of phenomenon only happens one time in ten million!

And the truth is the jury is still out on BTC and other cryptos.  

I know they seem like they’re here to stay…

But after decades in the financial world, I can tell you that 10 or 20 years is nothing.  

This is the problem with investing on your own with NO advice.  You end up putting 90% of your wealth into a highly volatile, unproven asset.  That’s a formula for catastrophic loss!

I’m not opposed to taking a flyer on the chance at a home run.  But you do that with “play money” and assume none of them will ever work out.  

It’s like playing the Powerball lottery.  If you win it’s great…

If you bet your retirement on it, you’re a fool that is going to retire broke.

That’s why I include so much training into Options360.  It gives you the chance to discover how to structure trades while actually getting some great overall returns.  

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