Give yourself and your loved ones a lasting gift by investing your Christmas bonus

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Christmas is a highly anticipated holiday in the Philippines for many reasons. It’s the season for gift-giving and a time for families to spend time together over a meal on the eve of the celebration. But aside from the time and festivities that come with the season, several incentives are also exclusive during the holiday. Employees and workers also share the excitement, if not more, for Christmas. During this time, they receive salary bonuses from their employers as a sign of thanks for their service during the year. Most of the money from these bonuses is usually used for the purchase of gifts or new items that they or others can enjoy during the holiday or for a longer period. At times, Christmas bonuses are also used to pay for trips where they can create new memories and experiences. But there’s also another way that people can make the most of their Christmas bonuses — by investing. 

Investing has already been a common practice among people, who want to use their extra funds to secure their future and that of their loved ones. It’s not a new practice for people to invest their Christmas bonuses into something other than their holiday splurges. Some people even set expectations throughout the holidays to maximize their full potential. A gift for the future Come Christmas, we all flounder on what gift to get our family and loved ones. Christmas bonuses usually pay for these gifts, and at times, trips. But people are looking for more practical ways to offer gifts that last longer. This can be achieved through investing. Aside from our worldly comforts and daily expenses, we have to worry about our future, such as school, retirement, or even health emergencies. A good way to show our love to our family is by putting our money to where it truly matters. An investment as a gift can provide a sense of security that they’ll be well-equipped to handle the future and what it has in store for them. Why invest? Practicality should be always exercised in almost every decision, especially during present times. While the community quarantine protocols are slowly becoming lax due to higher vaccination numbers and lower COVID-19 cases, some people are still exploring various avenues to increase their assets in preparation for when everything goes back to normal. Investing is a good way to be practical because it puts people’s hard-earned money into a secure location that benefits them in the long run. Moreover, investing a Christmas bonus can serve as a gift to yourself and the ones you love. Financial security, in the long run, is a great gift to give and receive because it opens up new opportunities for them in the future.There are several benefits of investing. Some of them include preparing for retirement, buying a house, or paying for school fees. 

Money usually goes to banks where people feel it’s safe, but they’re just sitting there, untouched and not earning enough. This can change with investing. There might be some risks, especially with investing in stocks, but with the proper approach, it can become a long-term source of money. But there’s more to investing than just future returns. The Philippine economy can be unpredictable at times, with inflation consistently posing as a challenge to Filipinos and their way of life. Investing in the right platforms can help them stay ahead of inflation by providing a higher return rate, especially if these have the ability to outperform inflation. Another advantage of investing is that it provides a source of income that can cover day-to-day living expenses. It can serve as another avenue for profit that could help make things easier for people. In return for these investments, people can lead a better life. Where to invest moneyThere are several platforms where people can invest their money in. The most common ones that we know are insurance funds that have specific purposes, such as for retirement, life insurances, and even for education. Insurances such as these are one of the safest and most consistent forms of investment. It’s equipped with steady growth rates, flexible payment terms, and fluid assets that can be withdrawn anytime during an emergency. This allows people to passively build their savings while being able to afford daily expenses and other comforts. In the Philippines, there are numerous companies that offer insurance policies of different kinds to cater to the different needs of the people. There are also various policies that have price options so that people won’t feel too pressured to meet their demands. But insurances aren’t the only place where we can invest our Christmas bonuses. Since the pandemic started a year ago, many people have been starting businesses for another source of money and better control of their finances. Starting a business can sometimes be challenging and requires capital to get it running. But with the dedication to grow it, a small investment that comes from a Christmas bonus can help it flourish. Other than insurances and businesses, there has also been a rising interest in stocks and cryptocurrency. Although the market for these is volatile and unpredictable, numerous individuals have decided to invest in them anyway. This is because these platforms have high returns that many people are after. While we enjoy the benefits of our Christmas bonuses, there are better ways to reap its potential for our own gain. Investing may have its risks and doesn’t bear results outright, but in time, it can provide for ourselves and our families so that we can achieve the financial freedom that we dream of. And with the different platforms that we can put our money in, we have the choice as to how our investments cater to our changing needs, as long as we also exercise some caution on our initiatives. Saying goodbye to our Christmas splurge is just temporary compared to the advantages that we’ll get in the future, one where we have control over the money we earn.

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