Traders, property owners kick against erection of edifice at Okaishie market

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play videoThe three-storey building is being erected in a small space meant to be a compound

Traders in Okashie are up in arms over an ongoing construction

The three-storey building according to traders in the area has no permit

Businesses, traders bemoan the impact of construction on their investment

Some traders and property owners situated within the central business district of the Okaishie market have raised concerns over the erection of a three-storey structure within the area.

The building which is said to have gone from the foundation stage to its present stage in just three weeks, according to the traders, is hugely impacting on business activity of traders in the area.

Some of the traders who interacted with GhanaWeb TV said despite the impact of the ongoing works which has rendered their activity in limbo, there are also health and environmental implications.

“Before the construction, we had no issues when it rains but now anytime it rains the place gets flooded and the water enters our shops,” a trader complained.

“We are also concerned about access here for emergency response in case there is an issue here. If there’s a fire outbreak where will the fire service pass to get access to this place?” a trader questioned.

Another trader told GhanaWeb that the current development gives them more reason to be concerned about their fate and that of their investment in case of a disaster.

A property owner on the other hand wondered who or why a permit was granted for such a building to be erected stressing that it was adversely going to impact businesses and movement at the market.

One landlord who spoke with GhanaWeb TV indicated that checks at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and other authorities show that the three-storey building which has gone from foundation to third floor within a period of three weeks, lacks the necessary approvals.

“We haven’t seen any written permit on this building. We don’t know what is wrong. We went to AMA and they said they haven’t given them building permit,” the landlord noted.

“I know that when you put in concrete you are supposed to wait for three weeks but it has not been up to that. In fact, the whole building has been put up within three weeks. Assuming there is a fire outbreak here, where do we pass?” the property owner stated.

To mitigate this, some concerned traders and property owners are appealing to relevant authorities to move swiftly to avert what can be described as an imminent danger on the lives of traders, businesses and environment.

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