Why I Prefer Trading With My Own Money & Helping Others Win

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Wall Street seems glamorous from the outside, I admit it.  And the image is just supported by movies like The Wolf of Wallstreet and Boiler Room. 

Here’s the thing, the truth about Wall Street is 20 hour days, massive stress, and an unbelievably high burnout rate.  

Sure some of the top-tier people have something that might sort of resemble a balanced life…

But in the pits – or behind the computer as the case maybe – it’s still high pressure and dog eat dog.

That’s why I left years ago.  I’m not built for that much stress. 

Sure you have to be able to handle stress if you want to be successful…

But the Wall Street guys handle an inhuman level of stress!

That’s why I prefer to trade my own money and help my subscribers make fantastic returns on Options360.  

You won’t find me flying private planes or sipping champagne on the French Riviera with supermodels.

But I live the reasonably low-stress life I want to live, 5 seconds from the ocean in a city with beach weather year-round, and with the flexibility to handle anything that life throws at me.  

That’s my paradise. What’s yours?  Email me and let me know. 

Look, the goal of Options360 is to help you pull profits out of the market while you are learning HOW to use all of the tools in the options tool chest to trade successfully.  

Yes, you can just pay your monthly fee and make one heck of a profit…

For example, if someone started with $10,000 when we launched in 2015, made all the trades – winners and losers…

Left all the money in the account the whole time and adjusted the sizes of their trades to represent their increasing account size every year…

Today that $10,000 would be approximately $288,200.

That’s impressive.  However, IF that person had made all the money but didn’t learn how to trade on their own…

They left the more valuable part of their membership on the table. 

That’s why we let you take advantage of a trial membership for just $19.  

It’s about proof of concept.  

When new subscribers see how much value they get for such a small subscription rate, they don’t leave.  

Isn’t it time you started to secure your financial future?  

Just click here and take a test drive

You’ll be happy you did, promise. 

To Your Success,