Traders petition regional minister over dangerous three-storey structure in Okaishie

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Regional News of Tuesday, 23 November 2021


play videoThe three-storey building is being erected in a small space meant to be a compound

Danger looms at Makola as developers defy health and safety concerns to erect new structure

Construction of the building in Okaishie risk lives of traders, residents

Landlords at Okaishie allege that new building under construction lacks authorization

Some market women at Makola have sent a petition to the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, against the construction of what they describe as a hazardous structure at Okaikai in Accra.

According to the concerned traders and residents, the siting of the building has transformed the area into a high-risk flood zone which puts the lives of the people in danger.

“Following a rather protracted legal dispute relating to the said strip of land, the Supreme Court in a review decision declared the Amidu Butcher Samily, owners of the said land. On or around the 30th of September 2021, a group of persons pursuant to the court’s decision entered onto the land in question and demolished all the temporary structures on it. Led by one “Chocho”. These persons claim to be working with the consent and concurrence of the Amidu Butcher family. They have, under the supervision of armed men, who have fired warning shots and worked day and night to erect a permanent structure (“the Building”), which presents numerous hazards to residents of the Family House and the neighboring properties occupied by traders,” part of the petition reads.

The building is being erected right in the middle of two buildings, in place of what was to be a compound for the other buildings.

Last week, Ghanaweb filed a report on the environmental and health implications of the building which is being erected.

According to some persons who spoke to GhanaWeb TV, their checks at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and other authorities indicate that the three-storey building, which has gone from foundation to third floor within a period of three weeks, lacks the necessary approvals.

Below is the petition