Numaish traders prefer online trading after closure

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On Saturday, some traders packed up and began leaving with their goods. Other traders are awaiting confirmed news about the cancellation of Numaish or the All India Industrial Exhibition 2022. While some other traders are trying to hawk their wares through social media. An air of uncertainty has gripped the Numaish at Nampally after word spread that the exhibition is closed.

“The police commissioner issued orders for closure till January 10. Everything else is rumours,” said Aditya Margam of Exhibition Society.

“I have set up my stall and am waiting for January 10 for the exhibition to restart. Even on the day people were allowed in, there was very good screening for masks and sanitisation. Hopefully they will reopen on Jan 10,” says Mehboob who set up the home-grown success story badam ki jaali stall.

One of the dry fruit traders from Kashmir put out a word through social media about losses if the exhibition was wound up early. The blitz of calls put the trader’s phone out of action.

“My stall is ready but I have not unloaded the stock. My losses would mount if I unloaded the stock and the exhibition does not take place. They should allow it for a few hours for a few weeks,” said Vikas Jain, a sari trader from Secunderabad who readied his stall near Gate No. 2.