Traders taken to task for flouting mask SOP

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KOTA BARU: There are still a handful of traders around Kelantan who are not complying with the standard operating procedure (SOP) of wearing face masks properly when dealing with customers.

Checks by Bernama in several districts such as Kota Baru, Tanah Merah, Pasir Mas, Machang and Kuala Krai found that the mandatory rule to wear face masks has been completely ignored while some traders merely put them under the nose, chin or not wear at all.

A private sector employee in Kota Baru, Zulfadhli Rosley, 31, slammed the attitude among traders as the spread of Covid-19 is still a concern and the virus could be transmitted if there is no SOP compliance.

“When I enter their shops, I wear a face mask, but the traders are not wearing them. So much so, that I had to reprimand traders to put on their face masks. I feel very disappointed and angry because these traders are so irresponsible about the health of their customers,” he said yesterday.

Meanwhile, a 50-year-old housewife from Kampung Jelatok, Tanah Merah, Norkatini Md Yusuff, said when the government allowed the traders to reopen their business, she was very satisfied with the SOP compliance by the traders.

“But recently, I found some of them at the shops and stalls I used to patronise had started to ignore the wearing of face masks by putting them under the nose and chin.

“For me, traders must have awareness, don’t be selfish and think only about profits when such careless attitude could harm the health of customers,” she said.

An online entrepreneur at Batu Balai, Kuala Krai, Najua Saari, 29, said the enforcement authorities should not bear the responsibility alone in monitoring and inspecting business premises.

“As a citizen, I urge all members of the public to be the eyes and ears of the authorities and immediately report the recalcitrant traders who violate and do not comply with the SOP,” she added.