FedEx (FDX) Offering Possible 29.2% Return Over the Next 10 Calendar Days

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FedEx’s most recent trend suggests a bullish bias. One trading opportunity on FedEx is a Bull Put Spread using a strike $260.00 short put and a strike $255.00 long put offers a potential 29.2% return on risk over the next 10 calendar days. Maximum profit would be generated if the Bull Put Spread were to expire worthless, which would occur if the stock were above $260.00 by expiration. The full premium credit of $1.13 would be kept by the premium seller. The risk of $3.87 would be incurred if the stock dropped below the $255.00 long put strike price.

The 5-day moving average is moving up which suggests that the short-term momentum for FedEx is bullish and the probability of a rise in share price is higher if the stock starts trending.

The 20-day moving average is moving up which suggests that the medium-term momentum for FedEx is bullish.

The RSI indicator is at 70.76 level which suggests that the stock is neither overbought nor oversold at this time.

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