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Litro Gas Lanka Limited yesterday requested people to return all LPG cylinders that had been sold before December 2021.

Litro said the cylinders weighing 12.5, five, and 2.3 kilos with the black or blue seal could be returned to the nearest Litro Gas Lanka sales agent. The customers could obtain a receipt with the volume of LPG left in the cylinder. The value of remaining gas could be deducted from the amounts paid for new cylinders.

The receipt will contain the name of the person who returned the cylinder, address, phone number, ID number, weight of LPG in the cylinder, category, cylinder identification number, date of acceptance, the entire weight of the cylinder, the weight of the cylinder without gas (as mentioned on the cylinder) and the market value of the LPG left in the cylinder.

Litro announced that they would not be able to provide a replacement cylinder on the spot due to the shortage of gas cylinders in the market. Litro will take the collected cylinders to a factory, check the cylinders, remove the LPG and refill them, and return them to the customer. When Litro contacts the customer, he or she has to present the receipt to obtain a new cylinder.