These Are The Mistakes New Investors Should Avoid In Stock Market Investing

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oi-Shubham Kumar

| Updated: Saturday, January 15, 2022, 16:21 [IST]

Investing in stock is growing, and so are the new investors. These new investors are the most volatile to stock market mistakes. As new or first-time investors, it’s normal for them to make mistakes, however, having some stock market knowledge and guidance they might avoid these mistakes and safeguard their investment and future in one go. Here, we have highlighted 5 common mistakes that investors, particularly first-time or new investors make on their investing itinerary.

These mistakes are as follows:

Only Buying Hype Stocks

Stock markets, it is widely assumed, are driven by hype. When a stock is in high demand from institutional investors, it is referred to as hype. When a corporation can consistently walk the talk quarter after quarter, hype begins to build. Long-term investors believe the company has value and that profits and return on investment will continue to rise, however, for new investors this might be not the case. When investors gain trust in the company’s growth and ROE, they are prepared to pay a premium to possess the stock. Hype is a crucial stage for traders and short-term investors since it is when the stock’s momentum is favorable. In contrast, it is also a mistake when you as a new investor only bet on the hype stocks. It is important to understand, not all firms that exude optimism have succeeded in delivering on their promises.

Selling on First Drop

Buying cheap and selling high has been a piece of investment advice passed down through the years. It’s the ultimate approach to stock investment success. When a stock’s price declines, most investors want to get out as soon as possible, so they unload and sell with the rest of the market. However, based just on price, selling low might be a disastrous option. It’s important to understand that the price of a stock falls for a variety of reasons, some of which have nothing to do with the investment’s health. It’s typically just a matter of supply and demand, which is usually based on emotional waves. As a result, if you simply look at the price, you can lose out on a good deal.

Failing to Diversify

Often, investors are their own worst adversaries. Failure to incorporate a variety of various types of assets with varying levels of risk leads to a lack of diversity in the investor’s portfolio, exposing the investor to the danger of severe losses. It is hard to predict the ups and downs of financial markets. With this in mind, investors should diversify their holdings by investing in a diversified of different ventures in various industries. Otherwise, when some businesses see market declines, investor portfolios with several assets in one area incur significant losses. Investing in a variety of sectors shields investors from the market’s volatility.

Buying on Margin

A growing number of individuals desired to invest in stocks, but not everyone had the financial means to do so. When someone didn’t have enough money to buy stocks outright, they may acquire them “on margin.” This is especially common among beginning investors. Buying stock on margin is when you buy it without considering the total price. Practicing this might be extremely dangerous for both novice and experienced investors. If the stock price falls below the loan amount, the broker is likely to issue a “margin call,” which means the buyer must instantly come up with the funds to repay his loan. As a rookie investor, you

Buying penny stocks

Penny stocks appear to be a good choice at first appearance, especially if you’re just getting started with investing. A penny stock may be purchased for far less than a blue-chip stock, which can cost hundreds of dollars per share. Unfortunately, what penny stocks have to offer in terms of position size and potential profitability must be weighed against their volatility. Penny stocks are called that for a reason: they are low-quality stocks. However, it is not difficult to get out of those penny stock depths. New investors should also focus other the penny stocks. At first glance, penny stock might be good but for long-term investment, it might not go well.


Investment in stock market are subject to market risk. Read all scheme related documents, Terms and conditions carefully before investing. The above-mentioned information is purely informational. The Greynium Information Technologies and the author are not liable for any losses caused as a result of a decision based on the article.

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