Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Are Great Choices To HODL Onto This Bear Season

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With the crypto world abuzz with price predictions, value analysis, and the likes as a result of the dip, investors are keen to find a new project that could improve their portfolio’s value or older ones to hold long term for a chance at great returns. With these needs in mind, these three cryptos, Logarithmic Finance (LOG), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) have been selected for their massive potential to reward investors in the long run or maybe even the near future.

Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) aims to be a next-generation decentralized finance (DeFi) and swapping protocol that will provide smooth connectivity between early-stage blockchain investors and innovators. They want to empower innovators with the technology and infrastructure to raise funds and launch products that would attract attention easily from high-level investors on the platform. At the same, they would enable investors to leverage the platform to choose carefully promising projects with potential for success and capture the opportunities to get impressive returns on investment.

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is offering impressive and interesting key utilities. Users can immerse themselves in a powerful and highly secure swapping mechanism with their use of homographic encryption which eradicates the need for the decryption of data packets while the computing process plays behind the scenes. The platform offers reduced gas fees which they achieve by following a minimalist approach and also making sure that only important information is stored on the blockchain. This leads to an 80% reduction in gas fees. They also plan to implement cross-chain and multi-chain integrations to facilitate multiple use cases for expanding the scope of innovators and investors on the platform.

LOG is the native utility ERC20 token of the Logarithmic Finance network which will open up its user to a number of benefits including better swap ratios and staking rewards. NFT auction functionality on the protocol will be available to token holders exclusively. Innovators will also be able to accept the payment for their NFTs in different cryptocurrencies or stablecoins. The platform intends to be a DAO which means that token holders will have governance rights. The community will be in charge of deciding in which direction the platform and its operations should move. Although it’s an internal team that would begin the initial operations, the governance will eventually move entirely into the hands of the community.

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is currently in its presale phase selling for $0.006995. The token’s value has gone up 400% rewarding early investors and it’s been projected to go up even more before the end of the presale. This is a token investors should consider adding to their portfolios.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is a name as old as time in the crypto world. It’s so big and old that it is often used in place of the word crypto. It is recognized as the first cryptocurrency to be released and is the biggest one accounting for close to half of the industry’s market capitalization.

Bitcoin (BTC) is an open-source, decentralized, public blockchain network running on the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism. It is a platform that supports the peer-to-peer payment of goods and services and is referred to widely as the “digital gold”. This project is very widely revered by people in the crypto community and it has a lot of potential to go even higher than its current value. Some even predict it to go higher than its all-time high.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) comes just after Bitcoin (BTC) in regards to market capitalization and is the largest altcoin globally. It is one of the most successful blockchain networks and one of the most used cryptocurrencies at the moment. Despite its issues with transaction time and gas fees, the protocol is still being adopted by many due to its large community, unmatched utility, and its powerful network.

Ethereum’s (ETH) value has been projected to go much higher and the blockchain is expected to become more scalable when the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade goes live. This coupled with the protocol’s extraordinary offerings has the potential to greatly reward token holders in the long run.

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