Berks County real estate transactions for June 19

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Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Albany Township
Craig A. Schroeder and Beverly A. Schroeder to Matthew R. Caruso, 185 A Sousley Road, $10,000.
Iris D. Womer to Racc Real Estate LLC, 2442 Rte 143, $175,000.
Alsace Township
Ann M. Grim to Ann M. Grim and Troy Lengel, 53 Beckers Grove, $1.
Ann M. Grim to Ann M. Grim and Troy Lengel, 55 Beckers Grove, $1.
James A. Beck Estate to Jr.m Family Strategic Investments LLC, 196 Old Friedensburg, $90,000.
Tania M. Martinez-Santiago to Stephanie Karish, 106 Antietam Road, $254,500.
Amity Township
Neal D. Cressman to Joseph William Kolenda and Karlie Lynn Skaggs, 283 Geiger Road, $310,000.
Robert Henry and Joyce Marie Henry and Robert C. Henry Sr. and Kimberly Ann Simcox and Amy Beth Henry to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust Hb5, 100 Aviemore Lane, $316,000.
Matthew Allan Stillinger and Jennifer L. Stillinger to Robert Wuerth and Diane Wuerth, 310 Glenwood Drive, $298,500.
Robert W. Bernet to Robert W. Bernet and Robert M. Bernet, 212 Old Airport Road, $1.
Matthew K. Jones to Norman Jay Johnson and Laurie Lynne Johnson, 204 Clarion Drive, $485,522.
David P. Schickling and Margaret M. Schickling to Eric J. Peroni and Lauren M. Peroni, 707 N. Monocacy Creek Road, $430,000.
David W. Johnson and Cassandra L. Johnson to Sandy Slotcavage, 804 Bramblewood Drive, $400,000.
Robin G. Oxenford Estate to Linsey K. Oxenford, 63 Hillview Road, $1.
Isaac Ff Royer and Lisa Marie Royer to Adam Schonely and Sarah Schonely, 7107 Boyertown Pike, $297,000.
Karen L. Cadavid to Dominic C. Mathis and Priscilla Mendez Mathis, 631 Old Swede Road, $365,000.
Lawrence M. Diehl Estate to Jacqueline Longo, 624 Cherry St. and 624 A Cherry St., $255,000.
G. Michael Orthaus to Lawrence Steinberg and Eric J. Steinberg, 99 E. Chestnut St., $217,000.
John Keck and Joanne Keck to Nikolas Jackovitz and Cyrenna M. Brunner, 8 Pheasant Lane, $255,000.
Bern Township
David A. Arena and Tracy L. Arena to Ramnarine Puran and Savitri Puran, 148 Robby Drive, $663,000.
Emma Singh and Robert Singh to Daniel John Lodge, 1123 Cross Keys Road, $1,265,000.
Seth E. Ilgenfritz and Lindsay N. Ilgenfritz to Pavel-Petru Uifalusi and Emmally Carmen Uifalusi and Michael Pavel Claudiu Uifalusi and Brian Petru Daniel Uifalusi, 136 Robby Drive, $595,000.
Zachary A. Kreitz to Zachary A. Kreitz and Kristen Kreitz, 138 Maple Lane, $1.
James D. Huber to Stellar Homes LLC, 118 E. Penn St., $125,096.
Bethel Township
Dab Associates Llp to Bradlyn Todd Brubaker, 9871 Old Rte 22, $335,000.
Harold A. Gruber to Hayden R. Merkey, 532 Brown Road, $100,000.
Mary H. Richardson Estate and Mary H. Potts Estate to James B. Richardson, 134 S. Walnut St., $1.
Seth C. Riegel and Wenonah A. Riegel to Sean McKee Jr. and Brittany McKee, 116 N. Walnut St., $185,000.
Earl D. Emmons to Ds Group LLC, 32 W. 6th St., $140,000.
Brecknock Township
Ronald H. Frees to Kenneth L. Zimmerman and Linda Zimmerman, 5146 Kachel Road, $110,000.
Caernarvon Township
Jennifer Johnson and Jennifer Guthrie to Ryan Szabo, 2003 Hampton Court, $245,000.
Joseph A. Webb and Eileen F. Webb to Webb Irrevocable Residential And Income Asset Protector Trust, 4549 N. Twin Valley Road, $1.
John A. Hoover and Colleen R. Hoover to Frank Talucci and Brynn Talucci, 162 Swamp Road, $317,000.
Centre Township
Irvin C. Henry and Stacie L. Henry to Tiffany Starr Lawler and Adam Christopher Lawler, 1040 Yarn Court, $235,000.
Carol A. Zuber Estate to Jack Anthony Lewis, 348 Drake Road, $192,500.
Joseph Maniscalco and Suzanne Maniscalco to Maniscalco Family Trust, 2025 Crown Mill Drive, $1.
Alex Junior Fernandez-Pinero and Rose Marie Rodriguez-Sanchez to Stanley Burke and Courtnee Burke, 1036 Yarn Court, $235,000.
Colebrookdale Township
Tower 55 Properties LLC to Kristian A. Dejesus and Katherine S. Dejesus, 431 N. Reading Ave., $236,000.
Kenneth Bryant to Kenneth Bryant and Dino T. Bryant Sr. and Cynthia Bryant, 711 E. 6th St., $1.
Norbert E. Schrothe to Lucas R. McKean, 37 Bause Road, $275,000.
Robert Lee Mecherly Estate and Terry L. Ellex to Michele Steele and Patrick Steele, 292 S. Ironstone Drive, $225,000.
Cumru Township
Robin L. Clouser and Diane M. Clouser to Diane M. Clouser, 458 Mountain View Road.
Ralph R. Dundore and Joyce A. Dundore and Stephanie R. Schweitzer to Stephanie R. Schweitzer, 732 E. Grill Ave.
Janelle J. Yeager to Samuel N. Hawkins and Kaitlyn M. Krug, 15 Carlisle Ave., $251,100.
Novak Etienne to U.S. Bank National Association and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, 1103 Bedford Ave., $50,000.
Jason A. Renninger to Forrest C. Williams and Erica L. Beaudoin, 125 Merion Lane, $240,000.
Paul E. Serafino and Stephanie A. Serafino to Glenn L. Hyneman and Bonita J. Hyneman, 427 Old Lancaster Pike, $310,000.
Rudyard W. Boyd Estate to Hilltop Trinity LLC, 1024 Crestview Ave., $138,000.
Douglass Township
David E. Harner Estate to Yu Chu Harner, 223 Creek Road, $1.
Ronald D. Schollenberger Estate to Drake A. Lanz, 14 Cedar Lane, $240,000.
McKenna Vincent Powanda and Lauren Elizabeth Powanda and Lauren E. Fisher to McKenna Vincent Powanda and Lauren Elizabeth Powanda, 843 Englesvillhill Road.
Aaron Scott and Helena Davis to Aaron Scott, 51 Borick Drive, $1.
Earl Township
John M. Demartino and Pamela A. Demartino to John Michael Jaeger and Debra Scavitto Jaeger, 423 Fancy Hill Road, $825,000.
Patrick D. Steele and Michele M. Steele to Adrienne Sharp and Jason Sharp, 14 Old Powdermill Road, $400,000.
William V. Miller to Andrew M. Kelly and Mary Kate Kelly, 604 Mountain Road, $465,000.
Exeter Township
Anthony Batista to Jorge L. Orozco Avila, 1073 Fox Run, $172,000.
Matthew R. Peck to Elizabeth M. Scolastico, 2602 Orchard View Road, $208,000.
David R. Torrence to Elizabeth Bruninga Socolar and Samuel Jacob Socolar, 65 Sherwood Drive, $475,000.
George J. Gonyea and Janine M. Gonyea to Jeremy David Gonyea, 130 Rugby Road.
Darrin O. Knox and Barbara Knox to Marcos Antonio Marte and Soany L. Marte, 71 Gunpowder Lane, $380,000.
John L. Boyer and Victoria L. Boyer to Michelle L. Keppley and Tiffany A. Keppley, 1903 Orchard View Road, $201,000.
Michael A. Bercek and Laura L. Bercek to Howard L. Stoltzfus and Dorothea S. Stoltzfus, 1080 Limekiln Road, $125,000.
Glenn Kuszyk to Kaitlyn Burke and Cory G. Hall-Capaldi, 1128 Butter Lane, $310,000.
Michelle J. Dalton to Yennifer Mercedes Cruz Duran, 41 Madison Drive, $405,000.
Sl & Ap Real Estate LLC to Dianette Seda Lopez, 416 Montgomery Ave., $180,000.
Amanda E. Roth and David C. Roth to Erica Blanding and Travis Blanding, 4540 Green Tree Road, $340,000.
Carol A. Delcamp to Sofia Trust LLC, 30 W. Washington St., $150,000.
George R. Kleppinger to Derek Koller and Amber Helwig, 304 E. Arch St., $196,000.
Benjamin F. Long to Carol A. Delcamp, 34 E. Locust St., $130,000.
Wilson A. Allen Carter to Timothy A. Carter and Theresa A. Carter, 235 W. Race St., $1.
Greenwich Township
Z. Team5 LLC to Michael Robert Aboulhouda, 1556 Krumsville Road, $251,000.
Tiffany Myers to Cody S. Scheidt, 44 N. 2nd St., $115,000.
Kenneth R. Senft and Cindy L. Senft to Rick Bagenstose and Doreen Bagenstose, 445 S. 4th St., $120,000.
Heidelberg Township
Patrick A. Connolly to Jr.hellercom LLC, 50 W. Ryeland Road, $41,000.
Jr.hellercom LLC and Jr.heller Com LLC, 50 W. Ryeland Road, $56,000.
Hereford Township
Scott J. Ware and Theresa L. Ware to Jesse A. Hallman and Jena L. Hallman, 7256 Orthaus Road, $600,000.
Janet A. Wolfe Estate to Marcelo Gonzalez, 1242 Brooke Blvd., $165,000.
Robert W. Grubb and Joyce E. Grubb to Grubb Family Trust, 1541 Fayette Ave., $1.
Tammy Pawling and Kevin Fritz and Tammy Fritz to Tammy Fritz and Kevin Fritz, 2104 Duke St., $1.
James J. Buehrer and Tisa R. Buehrer to James J. Buehrer, 3423 Fairfield St., $1.
Eileen J. Hagy Estate to Jarrek Swartz, 3523 Montrose Ave., $170,000.
Elizabeth L. Kornoski Estate to Joseph Kornoski, 704 Bellevue Ave., $1.
Longswamp Township
William E. Confer and Kathy J Confer Revocable Living Trust to Greg Confer, 9278 Long Swamp Road, $1.
Jennifer Grim to Melissa L. Dagnall, 774 State St., $290,000.
Joanne M. Lapic to Susan E. Bernhard, 1241 State St., $110,000.
Daniel E. Hunsicker to Little Lehigh Properties LLC, 24 Brookvue Lane and Kennedy Ave., $1,494,118.89.
Lower Alsace Township
Corrine R. Witters Estate to Aaron Deininger and Virginia Esposito, 2 High St. and Kennedy Ave., $80,000.
Dale A. Weyandt to Juan M. Pacheco, 38 Aldine Ave., $64,650.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Todd A. Staub and Wendy L. Babitt to Wendy L. Babitt, 81 Virginia Ave., $1.
Jessica M. Baez to Jessica M. Baez and Thomas James Ragonese, 10 Lisa Road.
Louis J. Fecile Irrevocable Trust to R. Sue Peffley, 93 Stella Drive, $450,000.
Maidencreek Township
Brady W. Kidd and Erica L. Kidd to Erica L. Kidd, 137 Penrose Ave., $1.
Robert Andrew Perrin III Estate to Eileen M. Enright, 339 W. Wesner Road, $1.
David Derito to David Derito, W. Wesner Road, $1.
Maidencreek Township Authority to Township of Maidencreek Township, 61 Lake Shore Drive.
Sean P. Mest and Jessica E. Mest to Nathavasky Mulatre, 23 Judy Drive, $330,000.
Darin L. Hilbert and Barbara J. Hilbert to Amanda Burnett and Kyle Burnett, 333 Sofia Blvd., $415,000.
Thomas H. Davies Jr. and Jennifer L. Davies to South 5th St Properties LLC, 310 Monaco Lane, $295,000.
Marion Township
George D. Edris Estate to Marlene K. Hoover, 805 Canal Road, $180,000.
Donna D. Bailey and Norman C. Bailey Jr. to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, 173 Hillcrest Road, $150,000.
Mount Penn
Lars Potteiger to Erich V. Hoffmaster and Jan F. Hoffmaster, 29 N. 25th St., $156,000.
Autumn Fetterolf and Chad Fetterolf to Veronica Gonzalez-Millan and Rafael Avilez-Cabrera, 130 Endlich Ave., $190,000.
Betty A. Ostachowski Estate to Michael A. Bruttaniti and Jennifer L. Marko, 2526 Cumberland Ave., $127,500.
Marie C. Sweitzer Estate and Tianna Schaefer to Jenna L. Mancuso, 228 N. 25th St., $175,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Muhlenberg Plaza LLC to Triple Net Investments Xcvii LLC, 4205 N. 5th St Hwy, $13,900,000.
Yardley Professional Partners LLC and Yardley Professional Properties LLC to Franco Properties LLC, 2808 N. 5th St Hwy, $185,000.
Kenneth H. Schettler and Luanne D. Schettler to Seth Tyson and Nan M. Piehler, 4200 11th Ave., $274,000.
Joseph Wojewodzki to Javier Alexander Martinez, 122 Jefferson St., $175,000.
Russell A. Sweigart and Sue Ellen Sweigart to Katie S. Grosso, 4008 5th Ave.
Jsck Properties LLC to Tess Natasja Smith, 819 Hartman Ave., $225,000.
Jward Real Estate LLC to Nestor R. Garcia and Cassandra Katherine Garcia, 3828 Hilltop Ave., $415,000.
Michael P. Wenger and Sheila L. Wenger to Jason A. Knowles, 316 W. Bellevue Ave., $320,000.
Lin Yang to Jessica Selfinger, 4874 8th Ave., $230,000.
Anna Marie Nagle to Sharon Elaine Nagle and Lois Louise Reese, 803 Apache Lane, $10.
Fitz Realty Company LLC to Michael McBride, 1721 Reservoir Road, $260,500.
Jethro Dorilas to Guettelyne Dorilas, 425 Pennsylvania Ave., $1.
Oley Township
Matthew A. Walter and Erin S. Walter to Dennis Bachman and Melissa L. Bachman, 412 Middlecreek Drive, $510,000.
John Eric Stein and Jennifer Anne Wines to Allen L. Shaw Jr. and Kacey Shaw, 6908 Boyertown Pike, $605,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Brendan T. Cronan and Marie K. Cronan to Michael R. Widel, 89 Gernants Ch Road, $230,000.
Julie A. Kleedorfer to Jonas Alcantara, 289 Gernants Ch Road, $229,000.
Dennis M. Miller and Linda K. Kershner and Bradley L. Miller to Denise Pine, 951 Mohrsville Road, $80,000.
Robert E. Barth and Carol A. Barth to Brandi L. Barth and Robert E. Barth and Carol A. Barth, 274 Gernants Ch Road, $1.
Perry Township
Marie M. Hill Irrevocable Trust to Jessica Nichole Schaeffer, 188 Virginville Road, $500,000.
Marie M. Hill to Jessica Nichole Schaeffer, Virginville Road, $245,000.
Ronald W. Adams to Curtis W. King Jr. and Susan F. Miller, 268 Birch Hill Road, $60,000.
Pike Township
Dennis A. Steffe and Debra A. Steffe to Jonathan Love and Ashley Love, 122 Ruppert School Road, $302,400.
Joyce M. Hyatt Estate to A&M Real Estate Management Corporation Inc., 1810 Forrest St., $200,000.
Meranda A. Garcia and Dominic L. Munoz to Ray E. Feher and Kathleen M. Feher, 233 Linden St., $130,000.
Andrea L. Sobalvarro Bueso De Calidonio to Antonia M. Dejesus Rodriguez and Antonia M. Dejesus Rodriguez, 564 S. 11th St., $96,000.
Sandia Partners LLC to Clare Inc., 842 Mulberry St., $65,000.
Sandia Partners LLC to Clare Inc., 1205 Green St., $65,000.
Sandia Partners LLC to Clare Inc., 809 Gordon St., $65,000.
Sandia Partners LLC to Clare Inc., 564 Douglass St., $65,000.
Inmaculada Duran to Eliub Fernandez, 350 N. 11th St., $20,000.
Elvis Pena and Yutaline Pena to Wilson A. Fernandez Rodriguez and Adalgisa Capellan, 548 S. 14th St., $72,000.
Yahaira Mercedes to Imperio Investments I. LLC, 425 N. 5th St., $170,000.
St Johns Baptist Church to Bonilla Ramon Santos, 414 S. 7th St., $35,000.
Kelvin Santos and Ines V. Tolentino-Adames to Jonathan A. Bonilla Rodriguez, 340 Spring Garden St., $77,000.
Deane Yerger and Diane Yerger to Diane L. Yerger, 928 Union St.
Luis Antonio Roche Colon to Layla Garcia, 603 Maple St., $30,000.
Rafael Frutos to Nafaely Frutos, 912 N. 9th St., $1.
Reading Business Management LLC to Isaiah Jean-Pierre, 1232 Muhlenberg St., $18,000.
Ava Giddens and Ava Brown to Omni Property Holdings LLC, 348 S. 4th St., $45,000.
Charles F. Paterno Jr. and Donna Paterno to Charles F. Paterno Jr. and Donna Paterno and Tyler Charles Paterno, 401 Spring St., $1.
Becker Court LLC to Musli Duka, 506 N. 12th St., $450,000.
Wendy Espinal to Miguelina Altagracia Polanco Pena, 805 N. 5th St., $170,000.
Freddy Rafael Lopez and Yudelkis Maria Lopez to Angel G. Maldonado and Lisa A. Mietelski, 446 Arlington St., $110,000.
Maria A. Guillen to Sl&P Real Estate LLC, 247 W. Douglass St., $70,000.
Jkl Holdings LLC to Hermenegildo Rodriguez Gonzalez and Minerva Torres Santos, 361 Linden St., $113,000.
Jack W. Jones Estate to Richard Allen Ehst and Angela Mary Ehst, 1315 E. Wyomissing Blvd., $336,000.
Clare Inc. to 4 Pear LLC, 207 Hudson St., $45,000.
Rosa Yenis Villatoro Price to Angel G. Maldonado, 1227 Moss St., $85,000.
Jose N. Colon and Pamala C. Pacheco Vega to Jose N. Colon, 423 Elm St.
Robert C. Johnson Estate to Jonathan A. Balentien Martinez and Carmen M. Francisco Mendoza, 11 Sheffield Court, $92,000.
Jose Y. Ocasio to Luis R. Meletiche, 1047 N. 9th St., $85,000.
David Baez to Cornelio Martinez Galvan, 1418 Perkiomen Ave., $160,000.
Manuel Peralta to Jesus All In One Shop LLC, 254 Pear St., $8,000.
David Crespo to Jorge A. Lopez, 241 S. 11th St., $10,000.
David Crespo to Reinaldo Martinez-Caraballo, 928 Muhlenberg St., $10,000.
Byron D. Wolfer and Doris J. Wolfer to Imer Draga and Servete Draga, 414 S. 16th St., $86,000.
Laurence A. Lazinsky to Imer Draga and Servete Draga, 530 S. 14 1/2 St., $72,500.
Jeffrey L. Martin and Teresa L. Martin to Velija Curovic, 1415 Cotton St., $61,500.
Jose R. La Rosa Jr. to Mario Armengot, 508 S. 11th St., $50,000.
Guy G. Rudy to Carmen Iris Garcia, 633 Gordon St., $5,000.
Manuel A. Saquisili and Jack Saquisili to Nyeci LLC, 611 Chestnut St., $11,000.
Charles H. Jones Estate to Bret Allen Whitaker, 1209 Lorraine Road, $164,000.
Diane Fitting Estate to Jason M. Fitting, 650 Gordon St., $1.
Ara L. De La Rosa to Glory M. Vidal Butcher, 138 Pear St., $10,000.
Nosam LLC to Luis H. Otero Ortega, 1627 Locust St., $164,900.
Maria G. Centeno to Jennifer Castellon Avalos, 820 Master St., $20,000.
Arismendy Liz to Pablo Lopez, 1042 Amity St., $135,000.
Richmond Township
Laila J. Sunday and Leroy E. Sunday Estate to Christina Muller-Levan and Justin Levan, 1670 Saucony Road and 1021 Crystal Cave Road, $1,580,000.
Mamie M. Phillips to David A. Phillips, 2601 Moselem Sprngs Road.
Robeson Township
Lisa C. Simchick to Christopher P. Mason and Barbara J. Mason, 43 Caitlin Drive, $480,000.
Tracey L. Smolinsky and Tracey L. Biemesderfer to William Malfaro, 355 Old River Road, $107,200.
Victoria L. Eckert to Victoria L. Eckert and Mark Eckert, 81 Beechwood Drive.
Joshua Talys to Eric Ray and Nicole Ray, 22 S. Elm St., $109,900.
Rockland Township
T. Jordon Vaughan and Patricia L. Vaughan to Mark D. Hullinger and Laurie A. Hullinger, 22 Ridge Drive, $500,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Dante A. Desiderio Estate to Patricia A. Lessig, 165 Fry Road, $355,000.
Larry E. Shelmire to Benjamin Shade and Chelsea Shade, Orchard Road, $125,000.
Larry E. Shelmire to Benjamin Shade and Chelsea Shade, R Willow Road, $1.
Larry E. Shelmire to Benjamin Shade and Chelsea Shade, Willow Road, $1.
Frederick H. Klein Jr. Estate to Julia Hill Klein, 643 Memorial Hwy, $1.
Julia Hill Klein to Julia H. Klein and Eric W. Jenkins, 643 Memorial Hwy, $1.
Marguerite J. Fischer to Ernest F. Fischer Jr. and Karel L. Fischer and Wendy A. Collins and Sabryn M. Collins, 336 Madison St., $128,000.
Jesse Kline to Jesse Kline and Rebecca Kline and Amber Kline, 133 Franklin St., $1.
Robert C. Grugan and Sally A. Grugan to Robert C. Grugan, 110 E. Noble Ave., $1.
Jose A. Gonzalez and Maria I. Gonzalez to Jose A. Gonzalez and Maria I. Gonzalez, 328 E. Noble Ave., $1.
South Heidelberg Township
Hayley Torrence to Eric Stephen Bond and Jennifer Lynn Bond, 3 Sharon Lane, $380,000.
Grande Land LP to Cecilia Abreu Rodriguez, 418 W. Glen Tilt Ave., $449,000.
Scott M. Albrecht and Erica D. Albrecht to Grant E. Martin, 368 N. Galen Hall Road, $259,000.
Justin L. Wolfe and and Sabrina A. Wolfe to Jerome P. Falatko, 312 Foxcroft Lane, $413,500.
Spring Township
Kingdom Property Group LLC to Pedro Colon Rodriguez and Raidily Anyelina Lopez Castillo, 2262 Reading Ave., $205,000.
Michael G. Stefanik Living Trust to Juli A. Stefanik, 1841 S. Mountain Drive.
Alice M. Sell Estate to Flavio Dumancela and Jasmine Dumancela, 2815 Clark Ave., $295,000.
Sally A. Youngcourt Revocable Trust to Sally A. Youngcourt Revocable Trust, 229 Oak Hill Lane.
Amildo Toro Sr. Estate to Sonia I. Pena, 101 Kendal Court, $190,000.
Georgine A. Melnick to Georgine A. Melnick, 648 Grings Hill Road, $10.
Jeffrey G. Spiegel to Gerald Dibello, 2107 Buckman Ave., $330,000.
Maricela Cornejo Jimenez to Jose Nunez and Maria Nunez, 226 Gelsinger Road.
Kimberly C. Rineer to Paulette M. Christensen, 1708 Westwood Road.
Tilden Township
Brent Kramer and Mattison Kramer to Ben E. Moyer and Deanna K. Moyer, 142 Maple Drive, $230,000.
Richard D. Hatt Estate to Joanne L. Strunk, 513 W. State St.
Robert G. Hein and Elizabeth J. Hein to Jeffrey R. Hein, 32 Berne Road, $1.
Tulpehocken Township
Alma H. Burkholder Revocable Living Trust to B. Lamar Burkholder and Joanne Stoltzfus and Justin Burkholder and Rosina Sweigart, 110 Deck Road.
B. Lamar Burkholder and Joanne Stoltzfus and Justin Burkholder and Rosina Sweigart to B. Lamar Burkholder and Marilyn K. Burkholder, 110 Deck Road, $465,000.
Union Township
Mary H. Richardson Estate to Dorothy M. Richardson and James B. Richardson, 605 Black Matt Road, $1.
Rafal Krakowski to Rafal Krakowski and Justyna Krakowski, 20 Magnolia Drive, $1.
Mit LLC to Denis McCartan and Julia Ann Watson, 630 Firetower Road, $169,000.
Barbara Ann Nester to Ashley Millard and Eric Millard, 969 Chestnut St., $200,000.
Upper Bern Township
Jodi M. Schrack to Christopher Hnatuick and Sarah G. Hnatuick, 3631 Mountain Road, $320,000.
Washington Township
Nancy E. Camburn to Aloysius Holdings LLC, New Rte 100, $100,000.
Robert L. Wiedinmyer and Jane M. Wiedinmyer to Miguel A. Martinez Jr. and Jeannie Rodriguez-Martinez, 464 Mountain Blvd., $437,000.
Mary H. Rapp to Jsck Properties LLC, 150 Beckley St., $109,900.
Bruce E. Rapp and Mary H. Rapp to Jsck Properties LLC, 148 Beckley St., $115,000.
West Reading
Josh Davis to Alana L. Trupe, 101 S. 5th Ave., $229,000.
Windsor Township
Harry R. Sproesser and Martha M. Sproesser and Scott A. Sproesser to Scott A. Sproesser, 805 Zions Church Road.
Scott A. Sproesser to Scott A. Sproesser and Audrey Lynn Sproesser, 805 Zions Church Road.
Karpenko Family Trust to Ryan Alan Roberts, 249 S. 4th St., $161,490.
Ronald W. Bair Jr. to Avis Nicole Gaetani and John Farinoso, 116 Deborah Drive, $429,900.
Sharon P. Luyben to Sharon P. Luyben, 78 Cheltenham Drive.
Carolyn A. Handy and Carolyn A. Frymoyer to Tsehay A. Jackson, 938 Franklin St., $205,000.
Hilltop Trinity LLC to Marius I. Tanau and Alexa A. Krusinski, 304 Peters Way, $205,000.
Multiple municipalities
Sheila M. Wolf to Samuel Wilson and Alexis Wilson, 140 Gollub Drive, $285,000.