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Le Pen votes in French parliamentary runoff

STORY: Voting was underway in France on Sunday in a parliamentary election that could deprive centrist President Emmanuel Macron of the absolute majority he needs to govern with a free hand.Pollsters predict Macron’s camp will end up with the biggest number of seats, but say it is in no way guaranteed to reach the 289 threshold for an absolute majority.Opinion polls also see the camp of Le Pen, who was Macron’s main rival in April’s presidential vote, likely to score its biggest parliamentary success in decades, while a broad left-green alliance could become the largest opposition group and the conservatives find themselves as kingmakers.If Macron’s camp does fall short of an outright majority, that would open a period of uncertainty that could be solved by a degree of power-sharing among parties unheard of in France over the past decades – or result in protracted paralysis and repeat parliamentary elections down the line.