Complete Guide to Investing in China

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The most populous country in the world and a rising global superpower, China’s economy has grown exponentially over the last century and, barring any long-term implications from COVID-19, is poised to continue its growth trajectory over the next 10 to 20 years.

However, it’s stock market is still a question mark for many retail investors – and for good reason.

It may be because there’s this unfamiliarity with foreign shares and companies.

Or it may be that there’s a language barrier – as many (if not most) Chinese listed companies issue announcements or financial reports in Mandarin.

It may also be that we are still scarred by the multiple scandals regarding Chinese stocks. (Recall the many corporate governance and fraud issues with S-Chips back in 2009?)

Whatever your reason, the Chinese stock market is still a relatively undiscovered goldmine – and with their economy and stock markets starting to open up, I believe now is the best time to learn