Mushe Token (XMU) Sees Growth of 1000% as Ethereum (ETH) Bounces Back

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The crypto markets saw their best day in over a month, with tokens across the market seeing gains in excess of 15%. This is despite a study by Linkedin claiming that most CEOs are expecting a recession within the next 12 months and a potential increase in unemployment caused by high inflation.

As many claim that the crypto market is still dictated by institutions and the regular stock market, it is encouraging to see the recent disassociation and shows why long-term investors see crypto as a hedge against fiat currency and fluctuations in the regular market.

The token to integrate new users into Web3

With the adoption curve for crypto mirroring that of the internet, the transition to a society led by blockchain technology and innovation into Web3 and the Metaverse is well underway. As such, many new projects are developing to fuel the demand and be prepared to be the protagonist in integration across networks and assets.

However, projects such as Solana, Polygon, Cosmos, and other similar protocols often make it difficult to onboard new users due to the jargon and complexity of the material, which can put those new to the space in a spin.

This is where Mushe Token (XMU) is set for success. The token is positioning itself to be the protocol that onboards users into the world of Web3 and be the project to allow integration for payments across the Metaverse. Currently, in its presale, Mushe Token has seen a price increase of over 1000% and is continuing to gather the attention of investors who are eager to find the next crypto gem to see astronomical gains.

The protocol offers unique solutions across their product suite, with access to trading features through their Metaverse Banking and Wallet, where an easy-to-use user interface is a key development. Moreover, Mushe Token is looking to empower its community through Mushe Chat, a decentralised social platform where users can message each other, without fear of any interception given their secure and robust platform. This chat service is also excellent for users who are new to DeFi and the Metaverse in understanding how to navigate, allowing inexperienced users to receive education from other passionate users.

Finally, the ERC-20 token can also be staked, however, you must own at least 125,000 XMU to qualify for the program, as the founders are keen to reward those who truly believe in the project for holding. Users who are over this threshold also can participate in the future development of Mushe through voting schemes.

All in all, Mushe is a project that looks set to be a key player in incorporating new users into the Metaverse and offers the ability for experienced investors to integrate their assets across networks. As Mushe Token continues to rise make sure that you are not left regretting getting in early via their presale.

Ethereum, The network which powers Web3

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Those within the space are well aware of the power the Ethereum (ETH) holds within the market and how it will be one of, if not the leading player, to power Web3. For those who are new to the space, Ethereum is a layer-1 protocol that is the leading network powering NFT, gaming, VR, and other Metaverse activities, with multiple layer-2 protocols building on the network to enhance capabilities and interactivity.

Layer 2s are crucial to the success of Ethereum as they help address the issues faced with scalability and efficiency of the network, with gas fees climbing exponentially in recent times. Nevertheless, the transition into Web3 will not happen any time soon without Ethereum and with the incoming Ethereum 2.0 project, the protocol is seen by many as being severely undervalued.

Many investors believe that Ethereum (ETH) is indeed a better option for investors than Bitcoin (BTC) for these very reasons, and the utility of the network offers far more use case value across society moving forward. However, it must be noted that Bitcoin has stronger tokenomics, primarily due to being more scarce than Ethereum.

Either way, if you are thinking of investing, Ethereum is a great long-term investment. There will likely be some price fluctuations in the month to come given the current high inflation rate and impending recession that is expected to hit, but when in doubt zoom out, as the graphs never lie, and the graphs look very good for Ethereum.

Mushe Token (XMU)