H20’s first water cryptocurrency $H20N

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H20 introduces world’s first water cryptocurrency in South Africa!

According to the reports, it is known that, H20 securities, which functions in South Africa has gone ahead to launch world’s first water Cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency was received well by the netizens as in the first round of sale, the cryptocurrency raised about $150 Million which was listed in the cryptocurrency exchange called BitMart. The water cryptocurrency also happens to be listed in another cryptocurrency exchange called ApeSwap Defi Platform. It is also tipped that; the cryptocurrency exchange will be added in many other crypto exchanges in the coming months. The listing of the cryptocurrency surely makes the currency tradable across the country.

The first water utility cryptographic token in the world, $H2ON, allows for a quicker rollout of water infrastructure and solutions. The cryptocurrency aims to support international water project financing.

The H2O Water Network and $H2ON, the first water utility cryptocurrency in the world, were created by H2O Securities. The cryptocurrency aims to support international water project financing. The H2ON project aims to establish a blockchain-based IoT (Internet of Things) connection between actual water production facilities and immutable smart contracts.

H20’s vision in crypto sphere!

Providing substantial developmental adjustments to the world’s water infrastructure is one of H2O Securities’ goals. The business strives to improve freshwater accessibility throughout the world through its operations.

Operators of water treatment plants and even H2ON network participants would be paid with the H2ON tokens. According to H2O Securities, using the tokens to raise money for its initiatives is a quick strategy. Compared to the conventional way, it would reduce the amount of time water suppliers spend delivering to new consumers.


GEM’s Involvement in H20’s cryptocurrency.

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The business received the money thanks to the investment of the international investment firm GEM Digital. The money raised from the water token launch will only be used for infrastructure improvements, according to H2O Securities’ operational objectives. The business would use it to make it easier to get water supplies to areas that don’t have enough fresh water. This coin’s release makes it the first cryptocurrency water token ever to exist.

The H2ON token investment is not GEM Digital’s first foray into a tech-related endeavour. It has been involved in a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing the environment and enhancing human living standards.

The business has a track record of investments with Neos Ocular, a producer of lenses for better vision. Additionally, it made an investment in Changing World Technologies, a company that processes food waste. Additionally, the investment company has invested in the digital asset management company QBNK Holding AB.