Jean Pierre Vandome Shares The 5 Best Websites To Help You Stay Updated About Cryptocurrency

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The world of cryptocurrency changes constantly. Lightning-fast advancements and happenings keep investors and enthusiasts on their toes at all times of the day. To keep up with such a market, you need authentic sources that can keep up. While there are hundreds of blogs and influencers that pop up each day, only a few can keep pace. Cryptocurrency’s most reputed name, Jean Pierre Vandome, shares his top five most trusted sources to stay updated about all the happening crypto developments. 

CoinMarketCap is a crypto news site that provides a holistic view of the market. Real-time data from all trading platforms are displayed in easy-to-consume formats of charts and graphs. 
It is one of the most trusted websites to fetch authentic news. As a loyal viewer of the site, Jean Pierre Vandome lists some of its most useful features – 24-hour trading volumes, total market cap value, and daily percentage change, to name a few. 

Another rising star in the cryptocurrency world is Coindesk. Jean Pierre Vandome’s go-to website to keep tabs on the hot new happenings, with well-articulated pieces on blockchain and crypto.  
Jean Pierre Vandome appreciates the well-researched articles, in-depth analysis, and multi-channel approach with easy-to-follow videos, podcasts, and newsletters. 

It might be better known to offer a dependable exchange for crypto beginners, but it is so much more than that. Jean Pierre Vandome has, on more than one occasion, based sizeable investments on the insights he found on Coinbase, and not once was he left disappointed.  
While crypto enthusiasts and seasoned investors might not find the feature too helpful, people looking to enter the crypto world highly appreciate it. Coinbase regularly updates information in concise bits explaining each coin.  

While most other websites offer data in black and white, CoinTelegraph does things a little differently. To those who look at the data but cannot make much of it, CoinTelegraph offers a unique feature of regular opinion pieces. The website, on average, sees millions of daily visitors.  
Not just opinion pieces, but it also keeps its viewers posted on breakthroughs and recent happenings. 

It is built for non-native speakers just as much as it is built for native English speakers. It is available in a plethora of languages like Japanese, Brazilian, and Spanish, among others. 
Bitcoin Magazine 

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Magazine offers news on all that is Bitcoin. Established by the founder of the booming cryptocurrency Eureka, it offers top-notch content that is, no doubt, credible, reliable, and super-fast. 
With the always-changing nature of the crypto world, it is crucial to always keep abreast of the latest developments. Per Jean Pierre Vandome, it is always better to have more than one crypto news site in your list of every-morning-must-reads.