The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same…

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Over the last 6 months or so I have felt like a broken record. The same message over and over again. It’s frustrating for me because…

I know you are looking for new and fresh insight…

And I want to make what I write interesting and helpful. 

That said, the message I have for you today is the same one I have had for you since the bear market began.

Grind it out, find your places, and protect the downside. 

That formula has returned over 14% ROI YTD to my Options360 subscribers.  

Look, that’s a remarkable ROI in a good market, in this market it’s almost unbelievable. Except we have done it!

I know it’s not exciting.  

You’ll never find a single life changing trade.

There will be no Game Stops or huge crypto moves in your future…

But in 10, 20, 30 years you’ll still be building wealth and stacking profits if you follow my suggestions. 

How do I know? Because here I am. 

You already know I lost $50,000 on my first options trade. That was $50,000 I couldn’t afford to lose.  

But hey, it was a “sure thing,” until it wasn’t.  

I learned my lesson early, and I suspect some of these meme stock and crypto investors will as well.  

I’d like to help you get the profits you want. The kind of profits that can build REAL wealth.  

It all starts here.

P.S. Yes we offer the Options360 test drive because we need to pay the bills around here. I want to help as many traders as I can, but that takes money. (And I’m not using my personal wealth/returns to pay for your education.  I love you guys, but…)