Which Way Will The Market Go?

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Which way will the market go? You can hear analysts, prognosticators, even “psychics” all chiming in as to what we can expect…

They say some of the Wall Street big guys used to use astrologists to help them decide what positions to enter. 

I guess that just proves even the smartest people can be baffled by BS.

You won’t hear me making a prediction. 

Sure, I have my suspicions, but I rarely if ever bring them up publicly. 

I also don’t allow those suspicions to interfere with my trading. 

Traders who trade macro predictions end up broke

Instead, we need to trade the technicals.  

Sometimes, what I see in the market and what I read in the news can inform those trading decisions…

But, news or macro predictions never override the technicals.  

If the chart tells me one thing and the news tells me another… I trade the chart or I don’t make the trade. 

That’s why Options360 is up over 14% YTD and our benchmark, the S&P 500, is down 17.74%!

Fair warning, what I do is not very exciting. 

We are rarely, if ever going to hit a “homerun.”

Most of the time, we grab a small win here and there…

If you’re looking for profits in this market that’s how you find them. 

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