Bernard Gallacher: Greg Norman has a very bullish personality

Bernard Gallacher fears for the future of golf, as Greg Norman and others want to create a strong tournament that will be dominant for the next few years. “If more and more money keeps getting pumped into LIV Golf, then more golfers will join, simple as that,” said Gallacher – who is an ambassador for Golf Care.

The traditional Tours won’t be able to compete. We’re in a tricky position now where major champions are switching to LIV Golf and hence potentially not being able to defend their crowns. It’s undermining and devaluing golfing competitions on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said for skysports.

LIV Golf and a new era

Things could change entirely and maybe with the arrival of LIV Golf, a new era of this sport will be born. Many are against it, but the intentions of the leaders of LIV Golf are very clear. “If things continue as they are, major championships will look completely different in years to come, and we must collectively ask ourselves if that’s really what we want.

“A conversation needs to be had and a compromise reached. I’m not entirely convinced that Greg Norman is the man to have that conversation. “I think some see him as quite a confrontational character, and you can see why.”

Gallacher didn’t mince words when he mentioned Greg Norman, who obviously only looks at business. Bernard suspects that Norman has had similar ideas for a long time. “I’ve known Greg for many years and have played with him several times.

He’s a very ambitious, savvy businessman but I think he’s always had an alternative vision for golf, which has now come to fruition in the form of LIV.” “Greg has a very bullish personality. His whole demeanour doesn’t lend itself well to having lots of friends, but we know he doesn’t care much about that.

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