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In this episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate chats with Dan Raju, CEO of trading platform Tradier. Dan has a unique perspective on how traders and investors are behaving in these market conditions, as well as who’s trading what. You may be surprised at what he’s identified.
Kate and Dan discuss:
-What dichotomies is Dan seeing, in terms of how traders with different styles are responding to the current market?
-Dan’s view of increased options trading in recent years
-Who are the most active options traders right now?
-Are traders basing their strategies on fundamentals or technicals?
-Which stocks and sectors are seeing heavy trading as interest rates increase?
-After steep declines in some tech stocks, are investors going back to fundamentals, as they evaluate future potential?
-Does Dan see continued trading in the meme stocks? How do interest rate hikes affect meme-stock trading?
-Are most investors looking for income or price appreciation?
-How does the retail investor’s sentiment differ from that of professional investors?
-How do international investors view U.S. stocks, and how are they affecting trading volumes?
-Does having a negative sentiment actually help advisors gather assets?
-Why Dan believes his firm’s recent trading volume has been its highest ever
-What does Dan see at the macro level, when it comes to market changes since 2016?
-Are newer traders behaving differently today, than in the past?
-How did trading apps, fintech and lower trading commissions affect market growth?
Stocks mentioned in this episode:
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