What Cramer is watching Tuesday — Walmart's wreck, Dow stock earnings, big media downgrades

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Customers outside a Walmart store in Torrance, California, US, on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Walmart Inc. is scheduled to release earnings figures on May 17.

Bing Guan | Bloomberg | Getty Images

What I am looking at July 26, 2022

Club holding Walmart (WMT) screws up apparel again, announcing a big profit warning after the closing bell Monday. Have to ask does Walmart have a handle on things? Long a trust name, is it time to give up on these guys? What’s the real culprit? Spending too much money on food and gasoline? Or is it economic because American Express (AXP) are way up. Or is it travel because cross border and AMEX are up? Is it a change in pattern as people spend less on clothes? Did they have their clothes from two years ago? Are they buying online? All of these questions are up for grabs especially because mall clothiers are doing badly as well.