Leave It To Beaver star Tony Dow is actually still alive

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Tony Dow

Actor Tony Dow is still alive, despite confirmation earlier today that he had died following a battle with cancer. Deadline says that Dow’s wife confirmed to ABC reporter George Pennacchio (via Facebook) that she mistakenly reported his death to his management today, believing that he had died during the night in their home.

He is, in fact, still alive, but had some “health issues overnight” that led to his wife having mistakenly “inferred” that he had died. Dow is currently receiving hospice care at his home and Deadline says he is “reportedly near death.” Here’s what Pennacchio said on Facebook:

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Tony Dow is still alive. I had a conversation with his wife, Lauren. She is understandably distraught and grief-stricken about what’s been going on with Tony’s health battle these past months. He’s been in hospice care at their home, and based on some health issues overnight, Lauren inferred that Tony had passed away to some people close to her and the word quickly spread. Lauren admits she’s been “a little fuzzy” these days—understandable.

She told me she now feels “foolish” about what has transpired since his death has been reported around the world. She also told me, through her pain, “it is of my own doing.” I told her we know it’s been a very stressful time and people understand overwhelming grief. Lauren says she “loves and adores” her husband of 42 years with all of her heart.

While she did say he passed, she now understands the miscommunication and is sorry for causing a commotion in this challenging time.

Dow, who is 77, is best known for playing Wally Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver, though he also later appeared on General Hospital and My Three Sons and worked behind-the-scenes on shows like Coach, Babylon 5, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Later in life, he became an acclaimed sculptor.