Addiction to sanctions features US dominance policy: Spox

In a statement released early on Tuesday, Nasser Kanaani said that the White House’s addiction to sanctions and its instrumental use of them were indicators of the US’ dominance system and shows that change of administrations makes no difference.

The Joe Biden administration’s officials have repeatedly described former US President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure policy” as a failed, fruitless policy, Kanaani said, but in practice, they have continued and even expanded the failed policy to the extent that they wouldn’t quit the malign policy even in the ongoing efforts to resume the talks for US’s return to the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, firstly, will react firmly and immediately to the White House’s insistence on sanctions, the spokesman noted, adding that Tehran will then take any required measure to neutralize the potential impacts of such sanctions on its trade and economy.

The official also slammed the US’ hypocrisy and the show of condolences by the US special envoy for Iran during the time when the Iranian people have incurred losses and damages due to recent floods.

The statement comes as the US on Monday designated six entities related to Iran’s oil and petrochemicals sectors.


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