Industry meets US politicians over circular economy

SAN FRANCISCO – Secondhand fashion specialist The RealReal has hosted a congressional briefing alongside the Ellen Macarthur Foundation (EMF) and US non-profit Goodwill Industries, which highlighted the benefits of a circular fashion economy to senior politicians.

US Senator for Delaware Tom Carper, and representative for New Jersey Frank Pallone attended the briefing, in which The RealReal’s VP of public affairs and business development, Allison Sommer, shed light on the negative impact of fast fashion and the need to develop policies surrounding the lifecycle of clothing.

“The precipitous rise of fast fashion is a major contributor to the acceleration of the climate crisis,” said Sommer. “We need to be doing more to hold these brands accountable for wasteful overproduction of poorly made, often critiqued as ‘disposable’ items, and instead encourage circular models.”

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