More than 70% of Poles believe that foreign investments bring a higher return

Poles see the advantages of investing into global markets. As many as 71% believe that foreign investments bring higher rates of return, according to a survey by investment firm Finax. Only 7% disagree with this view. 

At the same time, Polish stocks and bonds account for over 80% of the portfolio of every third respondent. At least half of the portfolio is domestic for 43% of Polish investors. The study also shows that there is a difference between the real and the dream investment portfolio of a Pole.

“Conversations with representatives of the investment industry show that global investing is becoming more and more popular on the Vistula. However, our data show that Polish portfolios are far from being globally diversified,” the head of Finax in Poland Przemysław Barankiewicz said in a statement.

(ISB News)

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