Calling on Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to help save the US from wingnuts and dingbats

This opinion column was submitted by David Mustard, a Reno resident.

Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are doing great things for the world with the contribution of most of their wealth. The United States needs help to survive as the current political situation is untenable and dysfunctional. This is not a short-term issue but has been decades in the making, exacerbated by the buffoonery of Donald Trump. If Gates and Buffett want to do something lasting and great, help the United States overcome the extreme polarization of the two-system political party that threatens the American Dream. Otherwise, all of their other good work, both past and future, could go to waste.

The world looks to the United States for leadership. Too bad we are no longer a good role model. If Gates and Buffett funded a third party with an endowment and helped hire leadership using their combined acumen, it could have a lasting and profound impact on getting the U.S. back on course. Have those selected leaders come up with a platform of moderation — in world statesmanship, in economics, in public safety, in education, in taxation, for infrastructure, for the environment and for people who believe in different ways of life to coexist peacefully.

A third, well-funded and well-run party will marginalize the extremists in both political parties. The wingnuts of the Republican Party, led by the likes of Trump, DeSantis, Noem and too many members of Congress and the Supreme Court to list, will either be recognized for their autocratic and exclusionary desires or will need to move toward the center. The dingbats of the Democratic Party, led by Gascon, AOC and Omar and some local and state politicians on the West Coast, will either be recognized for their lack of common sense on solutions or will need focus on productive results that work for the majority of the people.

A Moderate Party could attract a good portion of those Americans who are currently dissatisfied with the political parties and have registered as Independents. Both Republicans and Democrats, who would rather spend their time and energy leading productive lives on their own terms rather than seeing the country and its resources wasted by incompetent leaders in Washington, will join a Moderate Party in droves. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear news stories about how Social Security will be on solid funding, that bridges and sewers were replaced, that the lack of water in the West was being addressed, that education was top-notch, that people lived and celebrated their lives without the interference of others? That we weren’t just bombarded by CNN and Fox News with loud and largely obnoxious reporting?

While the math on this is subjective and debatable, if leaders like Buffett and Gates would set up something as good as the companies they founded, the Moderate Party should become the largest party within a few years, holding enough sway to have America become that good role model again.

David Mustard is a Reno resident.

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