NPS: Invest Rs 10,000 pm, get pension of Rs 76,566 ; details of government scheme

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Most of the young people who work in the private sector worry about what would happen after their retirement. There are many investment options for them. However, the National Pension System is a great way to invest money for retirement. You can invest one part of the salary into the NPS scheme and reap the benefit after retirement. This is one of the best retirement options for those who make retirement plans. If you want a good corpus after retirement, you must start young. If you want to get over Rs 75000 as pension, you will have to commit a certain amount of the salary for NPS.

Rs 75,000 per month is a substantial pension package. With this money, a person can easily  make ends meet after retirement. NPS has four asset classes — equity, Corporate debt, governance bonds and alternative investment funds. An investor has two choices to invest money in — Active and auto choice. These have less risk then equity and more returns than PPF and Fixed Deposit.

However, on maturity, subscribers can’t take out all the money from the corpus. They will have to invest 40 percent of the corpus into some life insurance company’s annuity plan.

If you want a corpus of Rs 75000 per month, you will have to keep in mind some things. To get a pension of over Rs 75000, a person needs at least Rs 3.8 crore in their NPS fund.

Here’s how you can get this amount in NPS corpus.

If a person is 25 years old, he/she must invest Rs 10000 every month in NPS. The amount will translate into Rs 3,82,80,000 after maturity, which is when they turn 60.

40 percent of this corpus will go into annuity. If they do this, they are likely to get a pension of Rs 76,566.