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(MENAFN– MarketersMEDIA) – IPSOS study, 4 in 10 Romanians own cryptocurrency in 2022

Bucharest, Romania – January 6, 2023 –

  • An independent market research assessed the degree of adoption of cryptocurrencies in Romania
  • 96% of the Romanian adults using the Internet heard of cryptocurrencies
  • 84% of the Romanians wish to buy cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – is the most well-known cryptocurrency by Romanians

Upon premium digital investment platform request, IPSOS Romania conducted an independent market research assessing the degree of adoption of cryptocurrencies in Romania and the adoption for NFT (non-fungible tokens). The crypto study was conducted among 500 Internet users aged 18 to 55, originating from urban or rural regions in Romania.

This study is even more relevant since according to the last Romanian National Institute of Statistics (INSSE) publication, most of the Romanians are Internet current users in 2021. 94,3% of the persons aged 16 to 74 had used the Internet in the last 3 months before the survey.

Tradesilvania’s market research on cryptocurrencies revealed that most Romanian Internet users (96% according to the study) have heard about cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens , but most of them live in large cities (with a population over 200.000) and have a high education degree.

4 in 10 romanian who are familiar with cryptocurrencies own or owned cryptocurrencies in the past, which according to the study, proves that in the last years the crypto adoption rate is increasing among Romanians.

84% of participants manifest their intention to buy cryptocurrencies in the future. This shows an appealing interest for cryptocurrency domain and trading cryptocurrency. This ratio is even bigger among the romanians aged 18 to 44 years, who live in Bucharest and in mid-sized cities (50 000 – 200 000 residents).

bitcoin (btc) crypto token remains the most well-known cryptocurrency among Romanians, being mentioned by 70% respondents and it is currently held by two thirds of the Romanian crypto owners. Other cryptocurrencies Romanians are interested in, include Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE). The Romanian currency elrond (egld) is known by 1 out of 5 romanians who have heard of crypto and 8% of romanians own EGLD.

1 out of 2 Romanian adults who have Internet access, have heard of Non-Fungible Tokens. The number is significantly higher among those who have heard of crypto, have or had or wish to buy cryptocurrencies. The study revealed that 1 out of 5 respondents who have heard of NFT own non fungible tokens.

The IPOSOS survey revealed that the Romanians crypto users prefer the information provided by specialized digital investment platforms , such as . The results prove that the Romanian crypto buyer is knowledgeable, has a good understanding of the crypto ecosystem and would rather search for the information provided by the specialist in the field. People who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future state that Specialized sites (41%) represent an efficient source of information.

The results of the study reveal that Romanians are in the middle of a widespread adoption of crypto and NFT during 2022. Two thirds of the persons who are familiar with crypto, believe that cryptocurrencies may represent the future of both online payments and digital investments.

In 2018, IPSOS performed a study regarding citizens of EU, Turkey, US and Australia according to which 12% of Romanians own cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency ownership and dinamics in Romania increased 316% in the last 3 years.

The current study also shows that 55% of the Romanians who are familiar with crypto, wish for Romanian banks to provide to provide crypto services and stated that this could be an essential reason for migrating to another financial service provider.


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