SA won't take sides in Russia-Ukraine war: ANC

JOHANNESBURG – Both Russia and Ukraine need to work towards ending the war, the ANC has resolved at its recently concluded national conference.

ANC national executive committee member (NEC) Lindiwe Zulu said the party was advocating for a peaceful settlement and not choosing sides.

“Our support is going to be both processes within the region both processes that have to be done by both Russia and the Ukraine to move towards coming to a table and having a discussion.”

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Zulu said the party was concerned about Nato and other countries becoming involved in the war.

She said this could escalate into a global nuclear war.

In February last year, Russian army forces invaded Ukraine and the two countries have been engaged in a war that has left thousands of people dead.

On other matters, Zulu said the party would continue to support Palestine in its conflict with Israel.

The party would also side with China in its dispute with Taiwan by backing the One China Policy.