From Vision To Reality: Lessons From A Real Estate Mogul

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Dr. Stephen Akintayo is Forbes Best of Africa Leading Investment Coach and Real Estate Mogul. Chairman and Founder, Gtext Holdings.

Reflecting on my experience, I’m frequently asked, “How did you become successful, having started a business with just $10 16 years ago and growing it into a multi-billion naira conglomerate?” My response is simple: believe. It was a notion based on great knowledge obtained in the pages of Rich Dad Poor Dad that influenced my decision to build money for myself. I’ve always felt that true power is found not in physical strength but in unshakeable trust in one’s skills. Drawing inspiration from the magnificent lion and the soaring eagle, I realized that success starts with a mindset of confidence and determination.

Growing up in Nigeria, I saw firsthand the effects of economic disparities and social inequality. Despite several obstacles, including financial limits and societal expectations, I stayed committed to my quest for excellence. Armed with a strong desire to make a difference, I pursued a career that would not only change my life but also the lives of others. The early days of entrepreneurship were fraught with uncertainty and hardships. With limited resources and a competitive market, every step forward was fraught with challenges. Nonetheless, I remained undeterred, seeing each setback as a chance for growth and learning. 2024 is a crucial milestone in my path, demonstrating the strength of belief and the perseverance of the human spirit.

As I look at the previous 15 years, I am reminded of the many people who have helped shape my journey. I am truly grateful for the community that has been by my side, from mentors who have provided guidance and support to colleagues who have shared in my successes and tribulations. Looking ahead, I am motivated and determined to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and business. In an ever-changing landscape, success necessitates not only adaptation but also a willingness to embrace transformation. As technology continues to alter sectors and disrupt old business models, I believe leaders and entrepreneurs must stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on new chances for growth.

Being able to uplift and empower people has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my journey. My aim has been to impart my skills and experience to potential entrepreneurs via educational initiatives, mentorship programs and speaking engagements. Giving the next generation of leaders the tools they need to thrive is something I am passionate about, whether that means passing on useful skills or fostering a resilient and persistent mindset. Apart from my real estate career, I have a strong interest in social impact projects and philanthropy. As leaders, I think it’s important to use our influence and resources to make a difference in the world, whether that’s by granting people access to healthcare and education or by encouraging environmental conservation initiatives. For me, wealth is not the only indicator of true success.


The words of Robert Kiyosaki, whose lessons have shaped my career, come to mind as I begin the next chapter of my journey: “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” With a definite vision, steadfast faith and a dedication to quality, I am sure that the best is still to come.

My experiences have taught me that visions can be brought to life. Here are five lessons I’ve learned to transform your idea into reality.

1. Make a concrete plan.

Begin by converting your idea into a set of doable actions. Divide up your long-term objectives into smaller, more doable activities with specific due dates. Create a thorough plan outlining the tasks that must be completed, the individuals accountable for each activity and the methodology for monitoring progress. Making your goal a reality will require you to stay accountable and focused, which may be achieved with a roadmap.

2. Remain adaptive and flexible.

Having a strategy is vital, but so is continuing to be adaptive and flexible. Acknowledge the possibility of unforeseen obstacles and possibilities during the journey. Be prepared to change course when required, adapt your strategy and take lessons from failures. Accept change as a necessary component of the process of reaching your goals.

3. Seek advice and feedback.

Don’t be afraid to ask peers, mentors or advisors you can trust for advice. Be in the company of people who can provide insightful commentary, constructive criticism and encouragement. Have thoughtful discussions, solicit guidance and maintain an open mind to diverse viewpoints. You may improve your vision and increase your chances of success by utilizing the knowledge and experience of others.

4. Take consistent action.

Achieve your goals by consistently taking action toward your vision. Take the first step—no matter how small—to overcome inertia, and then maintain your momentum. To overcome obstacles and failures, practice self-control and perseverance. To maintain motivation and attention on your main goal, acknowledge and appreciate minor accomplishments along the route.

5. Visualize success and remain upbeat.

Maintain an optimistic outlook and picture yourself succeeding as though it has already occurred. To visualize yourself accomplishing your objectives and realizing your vision, you can engage in visualization exercises. To strengthen your self-belief and confidence in your skills, try affirmations and constructive self-talk. Stay optimistic despite the challenges you confront and surround yourself with positive people. Have complete faith in your vision, and let that faith drive you to bring it to pass.


These tips not only helped me overcome the many obstacles I encountered, but they also gave me the confidence to grab opportunities and keep pushing the envelope of what is feasible. The knowledge and experiences I’ve gathered over the previous 15 years will continue to direct my efforts as I look to the future, making sure that the values of innovation, community uplift and resilience are at the center of all I do.

In the end, the process of turning a vision into reality is dynamic and continuous, requiring unflinching faith and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. By living up to these values and spreading them to others, I hope to encourage a great number of people to follow their own passions and have a positive influence on the world.

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