Sofia Bush, Nia Batts talk new venture capital fund investing exclusively in Michigan

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DETROIT – At the Local 4 Michigan Central concert pre-show, the esteemed Sophia Bush, a renowned actress, activist, and co-partner of Union Heritage Ventures, and the visionary entrepreneur Nia Batts made a historic announcement.

The announcement was a business move and a personal commitment to Michigan, solidifying their dedication and love for the city.

During the Thursday (June 6) event, the powerful women with a history of doing a lot for Detroit proudly claimed the city as their home away from home.

Batts showed off her mitten tattoo, which was a signal and a reminder to make sure that they carry Michigan everywhere they go.

“With the launch of our first venture capital fund that is going to invest exclusively in Michigan, there’s an incredible opportunity for us to dive even deeper into the ecosystem, support not just with capital but with our relationships that we’ve made throughout the course of our friendship and our respective careers and bring those resources and that innovation back to Michigan, and we’re incredibly excited to be here today.”

Bush and Batts said they would make another big announcement during the concert, introducing someone very special.

Watch the concert here and watch the video above for the full story.