FCTA earmarks 400 hectares for relocation of traders

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The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), via its technical committee on the relocation of Abuja’s biggest mechanic village, popularly known as Apo mechanic village, says it has earmarked 400 hectares of land for the traders and artisans in the permanent site in Wasa, Waru district of the nation’s capital.

The chairman of the technical committee, TPL Abubakar Makama, disclosed this to newsmen when the committee visited the site on Tuesday.

It would be recalled that the Coordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), Felix Obuah, recently inaugurated a 19-member technical committee on behalf of the FCT administration that would see to the successful relocation of the traders from the Apo mechanical site to the permanent site in Wasa, Waru district.

Makama stated that the administration will relocate Apo mechanic traders before the artisans because of the pressure from the traders and ongoing road construction in the area.

According to the chairman, “As they are on the ground now, they will take the perimeter again, and when they finish their work, we’d be able to tentatively say that this is the size.

“But for now, we can say 391 hectares; that’s almost 400 hectares for the Apo mechanic businessmen and the artisans.

“We are starting with the Apo mechanic because of the pressure and ongoing road construction in the area.”

Makama added that, “What we are saying in terms of accessibility is that the relocation site is well connected with many motorways.

“If you start from the main Apo Junction, the motorway construction is going on, as you can see by yourself how the road was diverted as we were coming in, and then, as we were also joining the Apo-Karshi road, you can see how they were linked with another motorway through Waru district up to the Wasa district.”.

“Right now we are in Wassa; we are going to the relocation site, and this road is where Apo-Karshi is linked. In a nutshell, what we are saying is that the proposed is accessible,”  Makama stated.

He stated that the committee will work within the stipulated time of three months given to them by the coordinator to deliver its assignment.

Makama further assured Apo mechanic traders that equal treatment would be given to the affected person in the course of the assignment.